Boost your energy: Our energy level in motion

In previous ‘Boost your energy’ posts I talked about giving your energy level a score. Of course the higher the score, the better your energy level. But it would be utopic to always aim for a 9 or 10/10…

Our energy level is constantly in motion. It fluctuates between our comfort zone and our growth zone.

Comfort zone
Our comfort zone is the zone in which we feel comfortable and in which we do routine jobs, in which we sometimes act on automatic pilot.

Growth zone
Our growth zone on the other hand is a zone of stress and tension. A zone in which we face challenges and get ahead.

If you stay in your comfort zone for too long, chances are you’ll get a bore-out. If you stay in your growth zone for too long on the otherhand, you’re facing a burn-out.


The difference between a burn-out and a bore-out

When you’re having a bore-out, you have been lingering on in your comfortzone for way too long. You’re not challenged anymore, you don’t feel excited, you don’t have any challenges, which leads to lack of interest and you don’t feel satisfied with your work anymore. You literally are bored!

A burn-out on the other hand happens when you’ve been facing that growth zone for too long. You’ve challenged yourself for too long, you have been over-stimulated and you are literally burned up.


With both a bore-out and a burn-out it is important to recognize the signs, to admit that you’ve got a problem and to seek for help to break that vicious circle.

To avoid either a burn-out or a bore-out, a good balance between the comfort zone and the growth zone is very important. You have to make sure that your energy level is in constant motion between these two zones.

If you want to find out how to boost your energy, but also how to make sure your mind and body have plenty of rest, then do keep following this ‘Boost your energy’ blogposts. From next week onwards, I’ll be giving you plenty of tips which you easily put into practise!

Love, Kathleen

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