Boost your energy: Calm your breath

Breathing… we do it from the second we come to earth and still many of us have difficulties in relying on their breath to calm themselves.

In this first ‘boost your energy’ tip, I will tell you a bit more on how you can calm your breath.

Breathing is a life function that is directly connected to your state of mind.

When you’re afraid, stressed out or when you’re in trouble, you’ll have less control over your breathing. Your breath will become more superficial and hasty which won’t do much good to how you feel and how you approach your problems.

It would certainly be helpful to focus on your breath in those times, because by breathing in and out correctly and calmly, you can approach things in a more intelligent, calm and sensible way.

You can exercise on how to breathe correctly. And the more you exercise, the more you can rely on your breath being helpful in stressful times.


Breathing exercise:
– Sit/lie down with your eyes closed.

– Slowly breathe in and out through the nose (2 to 3 seconds inhale and 4 to 5 seconds exhale or even slower if you can).

– Make sure to breathe from the abdomen.

– Keep your focus on your breathing.

– Having difficulties to stay focused whilst doing this exercise?

  • try counting the seconds whilst inhaling and exhaling
  • if thoughts keep coming into your mind: accept them whilst inhaling and whilst exhaling make them drift away like clouds…

Extra tip: if you do this breathing exercise before going to sleep, you will be able to fall asleep faster!

Why don’t you give it a try?! Practise this breathing exercise a couple of times a day and ‘train’ your body and mind. You’ll notice that after a while it becomes a habit and you’ll be able to rely on your breath even when the going gets tough!

Good luck!

Love, Kathleen

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