Let’s collab: Sweater for my husband (Hemd voor Hem)

A couple of weeks ago, I was approached by “Hemd voor Hem”. My husband could choose a sweater from the brand Michalis on the Hemd voor Hem online webshop, so that evening, we were browsing away on https://www.hemdvoorhem.nl/Michaelis-heren-truien

The website from Hemd voor Hem is very easy to use. Once you have chosen a few filters, you are left with items that could work for you. Make sure to check the size chart, which is a very handy tool! And then it’s just a matter of ‘add to cart’ 🙂

Michaelis offers several basic sweaters in an array of colours. My husband opted for this soft green colour. A couple of days later, the sweater was delivered. Thanks to the size chart, the sweater fit perfectly.

The colour is very beautiful and becomes my husband very well I think. It’s a colour that can be worn throughout the year.The fabric is fine and soft. The sweater isn’t too warm, so perfect for my husband!

What do you think about this sweater? Do you like the colour? And did you already know Hemd voor Hem? If not, you can also check these posts, as my husband was already gifted a couple of items:

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Love, Kathleen

This product was gifted to us.

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