Let’s collab: Red shirt for my husband


On Monday I normally do a beauty review… unless my husband has got a fab red shirt to show to you! And fab it is… this shirt, which we were gifted by Hemd voor Hem, is absolutely stylish, elegant and so different to what my husband normally chooses!

When we were asked for another collaboration with Hemd voor Hem, we didn’t hesitate as we already have very good experiences with this online company (as you can see here and here).

My husband had a choice of lots and lots of shirts on the Hemd voor Hem website and he ended up with this beautiful red one, which you can find on this link: www.hemdvoorhem.nl/rood-overhemd




The fabric of this shirt is really beautiful and has light blue accents in the inside of the cuffs and collar which makes it very sophisticated. This shirt is from the brand Olymp and is nearly ironfree which is a bonus for yours truly of course 🙂



I think my husband looks very smart in this red shirt, don’t you agree?!

My thoughts on ordering with Hemd voor Hem:

  • extensive choice
  • the pictures are very clear on the website, so you definitely have a good idea of what the shirt looks like in real
  • the size chart is very handy and correct
  • quick shipping and handling
  • the shirt comes in a beautiful box, perfect for a gift
  • besides lots of shirts, you can also find sweaters, nightwear, accessories,… on this site


It might be no surprise, but I can definitely recommend this webshop!

Love, Kathleen

PS: We got this shirt for free as part of a collaboration. This review is our honest opinion on the shirt and on the collaboration with ‘Hemd voor Hem’.






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