Fashion: Lace dress


In August last year, my husband, three kids and myself did a day trip to Brighton (which was ever so fun… should write about it on tips ‘n trips now I come to think of it !).

In the lovely, little streets of The Lanes, we passed the shop ‘Pretty Eccentric‘ and I immediately fell in love with… like everything they sold ! All the clothes and accessories had a roaring twenties feel and I tried on several dresses. This pretty lace dress with grey underdress really is sophisticated.

I love the length of the dress, I love the lace, the cut, the cleavage,… well just about everything… The soft watery green colour of the lace is great for my complexion and it was the perfect dress for a wedding we attended in September last year.

I haven’t worn the dress that often, but it’s a dress that will never go out of style in my opinion. Whenever I wear the dress, I get heaps of compliments. It is something you don’t see often, so it gives me a unique feel when wearing it.

With the dress I wear my comfortable Gabor sandals, a black choker and my pretty little black evening bag… now… where’s the party ?!

Love, Kathleen

I love the black choker with this dress.

DSC_0770DSC_0746DSC_0736Photography by Elizabeth Kluskens

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