Fashion: Patterned coat


At the beginning of spring I bought this rather eccentric coat at H&M. It’s not something I would usually buy as it’s quite special. You either love it or hate it. Some people don’t get this coat… especially men are not that wild of this coat (it might be the storks…) but frankly I couldn’t care less. The fact that it was at a 50% discount persuaded me to make the purchase though !

Now with the days shortening, the mornings being crisper and the evenings getting chillier I wear this patterned coat more often than in the summer months. As it is a wide coat, I like to combine it with skinny trousers, like these white jeggings I got at Primark (also seen in this post). Because there are lots of storks flying on my coat, I  haven’t come around on combining it with other patterns other than this striped scarf… that might be something for next year, who knows !

With this coat you never go unnoticed so I don’t wear it on days when I’m not too sure of myself. But most of the time I don’t actually care what others think of my outfits… now that is something to be happy about isn’t it ?!

And off I go on a new adventure…

Love, Kathleen

DSC_0652DSC_0647DSC_0671DSC_0659DSC_0682Photography by Elizabeth Kluskens

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