Fashion: White jegging


I’ve been to Primark in Brussels recently… I know… Primark… Boy was it crowded over there ! To be honest with you, I didn’t think it was a shop for a 40+ woman… but I actually bought some things there and I must confess… they will be seeing me again !

I have been searching for a white skinny jeans for quite some time now, but there was always something wrong : too shiny, too sheer, not elastic enough,… so when I tried on a white jegging at Primark, I didn’t put my hopes up. But was I in for a surprise !!

OK, I may not have been gifted with a pair of skinny long legs, but since I lost some weight last year and since I jog and squat regularly, I have come to terms with my legs… It may also be my age though… at 43 you care just that little less of what others might think then at 18 ! I always comfort myself with the thought that if I can still squeeze myself in a size 38, it mustn’t be that bad.

Anyway, back to the jegging… I was pleasantly surprised with how I looked in them that, after taking several selfies (of front ànd back !), I decided to buy them. The fact they only cost 8 (EIGHT !) euro, might also have been a persuasive factor…

For this post I team the jeggings with my black leather/sparkly espadrilles and a flashy orange loose-fitted blouse (also from Primark !) which matches my new lipstick perfectly. The jegging is so versatile that I cannot imagine why it took me so long to buy a white skinny !

The jegging will be perfect for those colder summer days or for the chillier evenings. Something that gives a bit more warmth than bare legs, but still very much high summer-style.

So here’s to my white jeggings… and here’s to Primark… but unfortunately, due to my 50-day challenge (see this post), they won’t see me for the first couple of weeks…

Love, Kathleen

DSC_0203 DSC_0210 DSC_0213 DSC_0219 DSC_0224

Photography by Charlotte Kluskens

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