Fashion: Flamingo’s on my dress


A day after my 50-day challenge I went shopping with my sister Cindy. We went to Antwerp, the capital of Belgian fashion! When in Antwerp, I like to take a look in the & Other Stories shop in the Korte Gasthuisstraat. They have beautiful, trendy clothes, good quality and at a great price. This time I immediately fell for a flamingo-printed dress I saw in the shop window. I tried it on and what do you know… perfect fit!

The dress is quite short, but I think I still can get away with it, especially when worn with a pantyhose. The dress has long sleeves and a small collar. The fabric is flowy and perhaps a bit light for winter, but when it’s colder I can wear something underneath or I can team it with a vest or a sleeveless blazer (mmm… I must put that on my wishlist now I come to think of it!). I so love the print on this dress…The pink of the flamingo’s really stands out and it just is something different, don’t you think ?

I wore this dress on a daytrip to Amersfoort (of which you could read a tips ‘n trips post here). I chose my black block heels which are really comfortable, though quite high. They have to be at least 4 or 5 years old, but I cannot part with them just yet!

As it was a typical fall day, a bit chillier but when the sun breaks through still nice and warm, I wore my black denim Dolce and Gabbana jacket and a soft pink scarf which I could put on and off as requested by the weather. I think the scarf complements my complexion really well. And don’t get me started on the jacket… another great outlet buy from I don’t know how many years old! Seriously, I think the jacket is at least 7 or 8 years old but is still a winner to me.

Now my husband is not particularly a fan of this flamingo dress… but that doesn’t hold me back from wearing it! What do you think of this dress ? A+ or C- ??? Let me know !

Love, Kathleen

Flamingo’s on my dress… and here you can see storks on my coat!



In the cosy pub/brasserie Kafe Van Zanten in Amersfoort.
Having afternoon tea at ‘Theefeestje’ in Amersfoort

Photography by Peter Kluskens

7 thoughts on “Fashion: Flamingo’s on my dress

    1. Bedankt Merel ! Ik was er ook direct weg van toen ik hem in de etalage zag hangen… ‘die is van mij’ dacht ik 🙂 Groetjes en een fijne zondag ! Kathleen x


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