October-challenge : did I make the 50k ??

lopenNovember 1st today, so yesterday I ended my October challenge… In the “halfway there” post, you could read that I wasn’t really on track after the first half… only 18 km in 15 days… that meant that the second half of October I would have to do my utmost best to get to the 50k mark!

But when I ran a bit more often than usual to get to my set amount of kilometers, I started to have this nagging pain in my lower back again, so I knew I had to take it easy… I really didn’t want to ruin my back just to get my 50k for this blog to be honest. So I really had to listen to my body… I didn’t overdo it, I tried to dose it a bit better and do regular work-outs but I inserted a couple of shorter runs into my schedule.

Below you can see my schedule

Oct 2 : 5 km

Oct 4 : 4 km

Oct 11 : 4.5 km

Oct 15 : 4.5 km (only 18 km halfway through my challenge)

Oct 17 : 4.5 km

Oct 19 : 4.5 km

Oct 20 : 4.5 km

Oct 22 : 3 km on the treadmill (but that is sooooo boring!!)

Oct 24 : 4.5 km

Oct 25 : 2.5 km

Oct 27 : 3 km on the treadmill

Oct 30 : 3 km on the treadmill

So, my dearest readers… if I calculated correctly (and trust me… I did), the total for this month is exactly 47,5 kilometers.

In the first post about this challenge, you could read that in an average month I run about 46 km, but to challenge myself I set myself that 50k goal. I really lost it in the first half of the month I know… and then the second half was just too much for my back so I had to take it easier.

I don’t look upon this challenge as a failure or a waste of time though. I actually succeeded in two things : I kept on running in a month when I usually stop running because of the rain and the cold (which are bad excuses in October, I know!). But most important : I have learned where my limit is and I was wise enough not to cross that limit as it would’ve injured me. I am glad I listened to my body when it started protesting, even though that meant failing this challenge. And let’s be honest… it’s not that my life depended on this challenge…

What I should really do now is keep on running during those dark and cold winter months. Now that I don’t have a running challenge anymore it will be harder to motivate myself… But I do solemny swear that I’ll do my best! One of the best parts of running outside is you get to see the seasons change. When I look back on the photos I took during my morning runs these past couple of months it is stunning to see what happens in nature in just a couple of months/weeks time! So that is certainly a motivation I think to keep running even in wintertime.

In the meanwhile I am already thinking about a next challenge… just keep following my blog and you’ll read about it soon!

Love, Kathleen

Whilst running throughout the year, you get to see the seasons change… nature at its best on my morning runs!

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