Beauty rewind n°1

On this photo some of my favourite beauty products like the Rimmel wake me up mascara and the Mac eyebrow. Both products I use daily.

I have written twenty beauty-posts for this blog already ! I think that calls for a bit of a rewind, don’t you think. I will be looking back on the things I reviewed so far and I will honestly tell you whether I’m still using it, whether I still agree with what I’ve written about the products or if I have changed my mind since posting. If you like, you can click the link to read the full review.

So here we go!

Make-up tutorial at Mac


My very first beauty post 🙂 I’m happy I did this make-up tutorial. Some things that I have learned I still do like using my eyebrow set. I still use the primer for my eyelashes, but I doubt if I would buy that again as I don’t notice any difference. Perhaps if I stop using it, I will see the difference? And one last thing that has become a habit is to use a shimmery eyeshadow on the sides of my glabella.

I still use all the things I bought. The primer is nearly finished now and I will have to do a review on the foundation now I come to think of it ! In the summer I didn’t use it very much as I was so taken with my Erborian CC crème, but now in fall  I am using my foundation again.

Clarins Radiance golden glow booster 

I did use these drops all summer long. I was quite chuffed with them from the start and once I blended them with the Vichy Idéal body serum/milk, the drops even did a better job. It blended really well with this body milk and it made the colour a bit more intense. So I would advice to use the drops with a very fluid body milk to get the best result.

What I really needed to do several times in the months that I used this product, was a good body scrub as I sometimes had brown patches on my skin because of the dead skin cells. But scrubbing made them disappear and I could start building up my colour again.

I am still happy with this product and if during the festive season my party dresses are sleeveless or show some cleavage, I will certainly use them again to give me a bit of colour.

Coconut oil

2015-06-22 coconut oil2
This definitely was a budget beauty buy! I will make a scrub and mask with this coconut oil… more about that on my blog in a couple of weeks time…

I have used this coconut oil quite a lot in the beginning. But in the heat of the summer I had to store the jar in the fridge as the oil become too runny to use. So… out of sight out of mind… And I really didn’t feel  like coming down the stairs every time I wanted to rub myself with the oil… I just used the body lotion that was in my bathroom cabinet! Once summer was over, I put the jar back in my bathroom. I tend to use it after I’ve been soaking in my bath or sometimes to take off my make-up. Still a fan I must say… and now I come to think of it… I must do that mask and scrub thing I mentioned in the post!

Erborian Pink Perfect Crème

This Pink Perfect Crème I regularly use, but not all the time. I use it when I want to make a bit of an effort… so mostly for a party or in the weekends or on days that I don’t feel to happy with how I feel. I must say that in the beginning I was really taken with this product but I must admit that that feeling has faded a bit.. probably as it is yet another layer to put on… Still a good product though, but I don’t know if I would buy it again.

My favorite fragrances part I


This was the post of the summer favorites Eau d’été by Kenzo and Fragonard by Fragonard. In the summer I finished the Eau d’été bottle but as a tradition I kept the bottle to sniff it sometimes… such a nice summery fragrance! And the Fragonard I mainly use in summer, but I have used it in other seasons as well. I used it last week and got a compliment by a woman in a store ! So it’s definitely still a keeper… The fact that it reminds me of our holiday to the Côte d’ Azur last year is an added bonus 🙂

My favorite fragrances part II

This second fragrance post was about the Pure Poison from Dior and White Linen from Estée Lauder. I recently finished my Pure Poison. I had forgotten a bit about it but when I started using it again, I immediately got complemented on the nice perfume I was wearing… now it’s finished but I think I will buy it again really soon…

When I wrote about White Linen in my post, I told you that it was empty but that I had kept the bottle to sniff it sometimes not to forget about that lovely smell. Well I’m glad to say that the empty bottle has been replaced with a full one 🙂 !

My favorite fragrances part III


These two classics, First by Van Cleef and Arples and Chanel n°5, are just to die for… First is my husband’s favorite. Whenever I am wearing this perfume, he puts his nose in my neck to sniff it 🙂 The Chanel I have been using less as I want to keep it for special occassions. But last month on my daytrip to Paris I puffed a bit in the morning and took a sample with me to do a touch up during the day… heaven!

Estée Lauder perfectly clean

I still use this cleanser almost every evening and I am still very pleased with it… but it has a bit of competition now. In my review you could read that Estée Lauder has a similar cleanser, but with a mask in it instead of a scrub. Now I bought that too a couple of weeks ago. You will get to read a review on that cleanser later, so stay tuned!

Mylène body scrubs

These scrubs are so good… I use them ever so often. In summer they came in handy to scub my body as I used the Clarins Radiance Golden Glow Booster. I scrubbed my body to get rid of the brown patches I sometimes got. And in winter I use a scrub weekly before soaking in my bath. Now the wash and scrub has changed colour and scent. I actually like the scent better in the new version… good for me 🙂

Catrice eyeshadow palettes

Fab eyeshadow palettes at a very nice price!

These eyeshadow palettes are a fantastic budget buy!  I use them ever so often, but recently I bought two other palettes of which you can read a review later this year I promise. But I use all these palettes alternately… so still a fan of these Catrice ones!

Vichy Idéal body serum/milk

I was so glad to have won this body lotion. The product is really good and I will certainly buy it again. But I must confess that I have bought 2 tubes of body cream in the wellness resort my husband and I visited on our weekend break in September…  so it will take me some time to finish those before buying the Vichy body serum again. I owe you a review on the body cream I bought at the wellness resort…

Vichy Pureté Thermale micellar lotion

I use this micellar lotion in the mornings and the bottle I won in August still isn’t empty. I am still statisfied with this product. It really gives my skin a soft touch after using it. So when the bottle is empty, I will certainly buy a new one…

Mac eyebrow set


Now I couldn’t do without this eyebrow set anymore. I bought it after my Mac make-up tutorial in June and I use it nearly every day So as soon as this tube is empty, it will be replaced!

Erborian CC crème

I only bought a small tube of this CC crème so now it is empty. In fall I have moved onto my foundation again, but I will certainly buy this CC crème again next spring. I was really satisfied with this product. It gave me the right colour and it had an SPF 25 in it, so my skin was protected against the sun as well. It also hydrated my skin… so a lot of products in one and that is what I like!

What to pack for a weekend break

In this post you could see which beauty products I took with me on our weekend break to Holland. I tried to travel light and concerning my beauty products I succeeded!

Rimmel wake me up mascara

One of my must-haves…

I am such a fan of this mascara and I have really recommended it to other women. I like the brush and the fact that my eyelashes don’t get dry or hard when using this mascara is definitely a bonus! A+ for this affordable mascara 🙂

What to pack for a daytrip

In this post you could see what I took with me on my daytrip to Paris… not just the beauty products, but all the stuff that had to fit into my tote bag… I managed to get it all in and I spared my neck and shoulders as I really took less weight with me than on other trips.

A visit to a wellness resort

This post was on one of the most relaxing days of 2015 so far… Sauna’s, hot tubs, hamam treatment… such a relaxing haven this wellness resort was! Definitely a day we must repeat in 2016.

Garnier miracle cream

In this review you could read that I am not really taken with this product… sorry Garnier… but this miracle cream just doesn’t do the trick for me!

Mylène mink oil


My 20th beauty post was on one of Mylène’s top products : the mink oil. It’s always on my list whenever there is a Mylène homeparty. I use it for several reasons : as a night treatment for my face, to relief the skin after a sunburn, my husband uses it on its itchy skin,… We always have at least one or two bottles in our house as I don’t want to run out of this oil!

So that’s my beauty rewind. I hope I inspired you in some posts. Have you tried any of these products yourself and what is your opinion on it ? Please let me know!

Love, Kathleen

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