Fashion: Grey sweater


In spring I bought some stuff at Primark. One of my finds was this grey “is it the weekend yet” sweater. It was love at first sight and at 13 EUR I just couldn’t resist it. When reading this text I immediately thought of Violet Crawley from Downton Abbey (played by a sublime Maggie Smith) who once stuttered :‘what is a week-end’. She is absolutely priceless, our Violet Crawley!!

Now my son never says anything about what I’m wearing, he actually couldn’t care less… but the first time he saw me wearing this sweater he said ‘I want a sweater like that and I would wear it on a Monday”. He really would… Personally I would wear this sweater not earlier in the week then Thursday 🙂

This sweater though… I have already worn it with my black midi skirt and my silver sneakers. It was quite a rock’n roll outfit if I do say so myself !

But now I am wearing the sweater with cropped, woollen trousers from Cos. I bought these trousers a couple of years ago. I don’t wear them often, but I still like them! And I think they look great with this sweater.

What accessories is concerned, I put on my ochre/grey scarf, my ochre and black bangles, my Rayban sunnies and my fab ankle boots from Tamaris. I bought these in Bruges recently, when my husband and I went on a daytrip to this beautiful town (a post on this daytrip will be online soon!). I really think they’re fab, they’re so me…

What do you think of this outfit? Would you wear this sweater to work… on a Monday 🙂 ??

Love, Kathleen

In this post you can see me wearing my Tamaris nude pumps.








Photography : Peter Kluskens

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