Today’s quote : red lipstick.

“Beauty to me is about being confident in your own skin. That or a kick-ass red lipstick.” – Gwyneth Paltrow

Wearing a kick-ass red lipstick on top of the Galeries Lafayette in Paris!

Yesterday you could see my collection of red lipsticks… and today I give you a red lipstick quote!

Anyone who is confident in his or her own skin, radiates beauty. When you are feeling confident, you can conquer the world! Your eyes shine, you walk up straight, shoulders back… you ooze confidence that way!

But of course there are days when mother nature needs a bit of a hand… days when you don’t feel on top off yourself, days where you have to drag yourself forward. On those days it’s so easy to be tempted to wear those dull clothes… baggy pants, fleece sweaters, no make up. You have to force yourself to make yourself decent, let alone to put make-up on!  Well, especially on those days it’s important to do just a little bit of an effort.

May I give you some advice ? On a good day, try on some different outfits that you think you would feel ok in on an off-day. No outfits that scream “where’s the party” of course, but outfits that are comfortable yet stylish, perhaps with a colourful scarf or a statement necklace… think of everything! That way, if you don’t feel your usual cheerful self, you don’t have to think what to wear… you just grab one of those outfits. You don’t even have to look in the mirror if you don’t want to… Just throw on one of these outfits and you’re nearly good to go…

Nearly I say…because don’t forget those lips! You probably don’t feel like putting a lot of effort into your make-up on a ‘blah’ day… but take a minute or 2 of your time to put on a CC cream, a bit of mascara and of course a kick-ass red lipstick!

You may not feel on top of the world, but believe me… that red lipstick will certainly get you halfway there. Now blow yourself a big kiss in the mirror and perhaps you feel just that little bit better, that little bit more confident!

Love, Kathleen

Above photo was taken when I was in Paris with my good friend Katrien. Read here all about our trip to the city of lights!

4 thoughts on “Today’s quote : red lipstick.

  1. This is a great post! I agree wholeheartedly. When you are feeling crappy – as hard as it may be – put on your makeup, put on a favourite outfit that makes you feel great and I guarantee you, you will feel better! And how could red lipstick not make you feel happy and sassy??? xo You look fantastic in those sunnies, btw!

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