Fashion: Faux fur jacket


A couple of weeks ago I did it… I bought a faux fur jacket! 

Now not so long I said I would never buy such a jacket as I would probably look too boxy in it… but as faux fur was definitely thé trend of the fall/winter season, I tried on some jackets during my fitting room fits.

At JBC I found this beautiful plum coloured faux fur jacket and when I tried it on I immediately fell in love with it!! It didn’t make me look boxy… yay!

I didn’t buy it immediately though as I didn’t want to pay full price for a fashion craze, but it kept on playing in my mind. So when the sales started and I saw this furry friend was at a 30% discount I didn’t hesitate a second. I bought it and I have not regretted it at all!

I’ve already had heaps of compliments about it. Oh… and people are actually touching my arm and back to feel the softness of the fabric! (Tip : if you don’t like being touched by strangers… don’t buy a faux fur jacket!!)

The jacket came in two colours : black and this deep plum colour. I opted for this last one as it looks so rich and chic.

The good thing about this jacket is, that it can be combined in oh so many ways… I have already worn it with a lace skirt, with my woollen pants, with my distressed denim,… during the festive season it was perfect to combine it with my party dresses. But for this outfit of the week, I’m theming it with my faux leather skirt from Steps.

I like the combination of these two different textures, I think it looks really chic together, don’t you?

I’m wearing my block heels with this outfit and a silvery grey sweater… which you don’t see at all now I come to think of it 🙂

What do you think of this all-faux outfit? Do you have a faux fur jacket?

Love, Kathleen

Here you see me wearing the faux leather skirt in another combination.








Photography : Charlotte Kluskens

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