Beauty ‘n Fashion: Bleached denim


Sometimes when you try something on in a shop you immediately know… this is it…Well I am glad to say that I recently had this feeling at E5 when I tried on these denim trousers…

I can get really frustrated when shopping for trousers… when I am specifically looking for some trousers I bet you that I won’t find a pair that fit. So usually when buying some trousers, it’s just pure luck!

So when I tried on these trousers, I didn’t put my hopes up… but boy was I in for a surprise… The fit, the colour, the length, the price… every single box could be ticked… so off to the cash register! I even had a 30% discount as there was a sale going on, so this baby only cost me about 35 EUR 😀

I have styled these trousers in several ways. Last week you could see a more dressed up version, but this first summer outfit is all about casualness…

I styled my jeans with a white Marcel de Bruxelles (which you could also see in this outfit from last summer) and a dark denim shirt from Esprit. I love this double denim look. It’s so casual and I feel just great in it.

My timberland booties (sooo comfy!!), my bright blue shopping bag (soooo handy!!) and my seventies glasses (soooo trendy!!) complete the look. Yip… i kinda like this look to be honest 😉

What do you think about this look? How would you style these denim trousers?

Love, Kathleen

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