Beauty ‘n Fashion: Garnier-Ambre Solaire – Sunscreen


I looooooove the sun, but unfortunately my skin doesn’t. I really need to protect it carefully and I can’t do without a sunscreen. Recently I have bought a new one… 

I decided on a sunscreen with SPF 20 from Garnier/Ambre Solaire. I had just finished a sample of it and I was quite pleased with it, so I decided to buy the large bottle to get me through summer.

Now unfortunately I haven’t had many opportunities to try out my new sunscreen as we’ve had a lousy summer so far… but anyway, I have tested it a few times so here are my thoughts about this product!



  • the sunscreen doesn’t feel greasy on my skin
  • I love the fresh and summery smell
  • My skin feels hydrated and fresh after applying this sunscreen (if my bottle isn’t empty after the summer, I can still use the rest of it as a moisturizer).
  • light consistency so it is easily absorbed by the skin
  • my skin doesn’t feel sticky after applying it
  • I haven’t tried this sunscreen on the beach yet (where my skin tends to burn more easily), but I did use it when going to a music festival. I had to apply a second layer after several hours, but my skin wasn’t burnt at all.


  • None really, except perhaps this : it says on the bottle that the product is water-resistant. In my opinion they should never put that on a bottle of sunscreen… ever. Because after a swim your skin should definitely be protected again!


I can honestly recommend this product! Garnier/Ambre Solaire have a wide range of sunscreen products so there is definitely something that suits your skin!

Love, Kathleen

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