Beauty ‘n Fashion: Pink jacket


I wear a lot of black, dark blue, grey… but in summer I do love a bit of colour now and then… and that brings us to this bright pink jacket 🙂

Because bright pink it is for sure!! I actually don’t wear this jacket often. I’ve had it for years and every year I only wear it a couple of times. But I still love this jacket. And even though it must be at least 10 years old, I don’t think it’s dated at all!

The jacket is from Essentiel, a fab Belgian brand. Make sure to take a look at their website as they’ve got heaps of fantastic designs!

I combined the jacket really simple. Just with a plain white T and blue trousers, which do the jacket justice in my opinion. I wore this outfit during our trip to the Harry Potter Exposition in Brussels.

This outfit is simple, comfortable but with the bright pink jacket it’s just that bit special don’t you think?! On the left side of the jacket is a little butterfly-detail which I think is ever so nice.

With my brown Timberland booties and my golden H&M tote bag I was good to go… I hope you think so too 🙂

Love, Kathleen

Here you see another outfit with these blue pants…








Photography : Charlotte Kluskens

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