Beauty ‘n Fashion: Glitter and gold… the comfy way


Today I want to show you  some glitters and gold… but the comfy way!

I recently wore this outfit when we were on a weekend break in Holland. I wanted to wear a comfortable outfit as we had a bit of driving to do that day. But as we were visting Palace Soestdijk, I also wanted to be stylish so I added some sparkling details.

The base of this outfit is my blue chino pants I bought at HM last summer. I have been on the look-out for similar pants in another colour, but have not yet succeeded…

For our trip to the palace, I combined these pants with a lovely cream coloured knitted sweater with short sleeves. the fine gold thread in it makes it just that bit different and a tad more stylish. It’s from the brand Grace and Mila and I bought it at a local store Annick Goedhuys. She sells lots of fine goodies and really helps you find the perfect outfit!

The military jacket is from IKKS. I bought it last summer when we were on a holiday in Caen. the embelishments on the jacket give it an extra feminine touch. You can see another outfit with this jacket here. As the day started off a bit windy, I also wore my golden coloured scarf. I think this colour really suits my complexion!

To complete the look I’m wearing my chunky ankle boots from Timberland. I bought them in York (yes… I do like buying stuff whilst on holiday!!!). Last summer they were my companions for many daytrips and walks and they will take me even further this year. They are so comfortable and for a citytrip I prefer them over a pair of walking shoes to be honest…

On above photo you can see a glimpse of my Kelly Moore camera bag. In this post you can read all about this bag. It’s perfect to take on a daytrip as it is a very spacious bag. It’s got got a removable padded basket which can be divided, which is perfect to put away my camera gear safely.

Don’t forget to tune in next Thursday to read the tips ‘n trips post about Palace Soestdijk, where these photos were taken!

Love, Kathleen

Here you can see another outfit with these blue chino pants.










Photography : Peter Kluskens

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