Beauty ‘n Fashion: Inecto – Shampoo & conditioner


Today a beautypost about a shampoo and a conditioner from the brand ‘Inecto’. I hadn’t heard from the brand yet and there was this promotion in my drugstore so I decided to try these products out as I’m always eager to get to know new stuff.

Another reason why I bought these products was because I think these bottles look attractive. A bit different than your usual shampoos and conditioners in my opinion! So here you can read my thoughts about this shampoo and complementary conditioner…


  • price!! (only 3,99 EUR per bottle of 500ml)
  • attractive design
  • complementary products
  • large bottle which is handy for larger families
  • 90% of the ingredients is of natural origin
  • lovely smell, not too overpowering as I don’t want to be a walking Bounty bar…
  • doesn’t make my hair feel heavy
  • contains 100% natural coconut oil


  • the shampoo leaves my hair feeling a bit dry, so I definitely need to use the complementary conditioner


I will definitely buy these products again. They are in my opinion very good quality for a low price!

Love, Katheen

Here you can read a review about coconut oil!


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