Beauty ‘n Fashion: Clinique – Blended face powder


In today’s beautypost you can read my thoughts on the blended face powder from Clinique. I have tried it out now a couple of months, so time for a review, don’t you think?!

To finish off my make-up, I have been using pressed powders from both ends of the budget. You could read the review on the YSL palette and on the MUA palette earlier on the blog.

But I must admit that I have always preferred a loose powder as a finishing touch. I used the T. Leclerc powder for several years, but they stopped selling it at my pharmacy. I started buying other brands, but was never convinced of the quality and then I tried out a couple of pressed powders.

A couple of months ago, I decided on buying a loose powder again so I went to the cosmetic store. I bought this Clinique blended face powder in colour number 02 – transparency.

The promises

Clinique promises a flawless finish with this loose powder, which is right for every skin type. It should set and perfect your make-up, letting your pores disappear…

But can they live up to their promises? Let me tell you my thoughts…


How to use

This loose powder from Clinique comes in a transparent, plastic jar with a silver lid on it. When you open the lid, you see this powder sifter.

I usually tilt the jar before opening it. That way, a little powder comes through the sifter. I take my big brush, dab it in the powder and shake off any excess powder before applying it on my face. I usually start with my T-zone, then I apply some powder underneath my eyes and work my way around my face and neck.

When you buy the powder it comes with a small brush with a cap on it. I always use my big powder brush though. But when I’m on a daytrip, I put a bit of powder on the small brush, close it again and put it in my handbag. During the day, I can touch up my face with it. The brush in itself could be softer, but for a touch-up it’ll do!


  • very fine powder
  • allergy tested and 100% fragrance free
  • the powder leaves a natural finish
  • doesn’t look dry or cakey on the face (woop woop!!)
  • little brush for touching up your make-up during the day
  • the price: this powder costs 32 EUR for 35 grams of product. Now that might sound expensive, but it’ll take you months emptying that jar so it is definitely worth the price!
  • comes in 8 shades! Mind, not all shades will be sold everywhere, but you can always order online 🙂


  • the little brush which comes with the powder is a bit too harsh in my opinion
  • although not exactly a con for me, but some of you may find the price a bit on the steep side


This is a great setting powder. After being a bit lost in ‘powder-land’ I have definitely found my way back… and it leads to this blended face powder!

Do you use a loose powder and which can you recommend? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Kathleen

Here you can read a review from a micellar gel!


10 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: Clinique – Blended face powder

  1. I keep forgetting to powder my face all the time 🙂 I have one now that came with the Styletone box which is really nice, then I use it for a couple of weeks then I start to forget and now it sits in my cabinet. I am glad I don’t have a shiny face (that is probably why I forget) 🙂

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    1. 😀 Yip… if you don’t exactly need it, you won’t miss it I guess! I don’t have a shiny face either… but powdering my face has been a habit since I was 18 I guess… should try it without perhaps… because with older skin powder can look cakey… but this one is so fine and I brush it on very light so you don’t see it. Even though, I might try it without and see what the result is! Thanks for the read 🙂 Love, Kathleen


    1. I don’t know that brand. You really need to buy these powders at the cosmetic store or at a beautician… you just don’t find it at the drugstore these days! But this one is ok price-wise I think. It takes months to finish a jar! Love, Kathleen

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