Beauty : Garnier – Miracle Skin Cream


Recently I bought this Miracle Skin Cream from Garnier. I thought it was an ordinary daycream, but actually it is more like the CC crème from Erborian I bought and of which I am quite delighted ! 

This product from Garnier is in my opinion not as good as the CC crème of Erbarion I’m afraid to say… But first the positive things: the cream has an SPF of 20, the price is really good and it does have a lovely smell,. But it just doesn’t tick all the boxes the CC crème from Erborian does.

The Miracle Skin Cream takes some time to blend into my skin and it doesn’t colour as much as the CC crème so I still would have to use a foundation over it. Honestly ? I have only used the cream when I stay at home as I think it’s a shame to just throw it away… This product probably is better on younger skins as they have less to conceal than mine, but actually it is an anti-ageing product so this cream might be too rich for young skins.

And then of course, had I not bought the CC crème from Erborian, this review probably would’ve been more positive. But sorry Garnier… I guess the competition with the Erborian CC is just a bit too stiff !

Love, Kathleen

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