Beauty ‘n Fashion: Printed palazzo pants.


A couple of weeks ago I told you all about this sparkling skirt (see this post) I bought from the webshop of Greet Moens, but that wasn’t the only thing I bought you know… I also bought these ab fab printed palazzo pants 😀

When I saw the print of these pants I immediately fell in love. I love the combination of the stripes and the flowers! But as these pants are so wide, I hesitated a bit… until I tried them on!


These pants are comfy, stylish, different and they make my legs that are waaaaaay too short look longer than they actually are 😀 Quadruple check if you ask me…

The fabric is very light and these pants will definitely not keep me warm enough during cold winter days, but oh well… I will avoid wearing them on these days then!

I have worn these pants on repeat ever since I bought them. During our lovely Indian summer in September, I wore them with my gold top from this post and now it’s a bit chillier, I combine them with this fabulous green jumper I bought at Camden Town in London. I really like the deep V at the back, it makes this jumper so sexy, doesn’t it 😛


To elongate my legs even more, I am wearing my pointy toe pumps in this lovely shade of red.

Now, do you like these pants? Would you wear such a bold print? And how would you style them? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Kathleen





DSC_5938  DSC_5962



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