Trips ‘n Travels: Spain – Bocairent and Pou Clar


When we were on holiday in Spain, we stayed near Bocairent, a mountain village just outside the national park Sierra Mariola. Last week you could already read about the bed and breakfast we stayed in and today I will take you to Pou Clar and the town of Bocairent.

After a hearty breakfast at Casa Las Dos Salchichas, we drove off to visit Pou Clar.


Pou Clar is situated between Ontinyent and Bocairent and was only a 30 minute drive from our bed and breakfast. Pou Clar is part of a river and also has several canals, waterfalls and pools, all naturally made. The water in the pools is very refreshing. Whilst we were there, it was too cold, but during a hot summer’s day you will definitely be tempted to go for a little swim so don’t forget to put on your bathing suit!



Pou Clar is beautifully located, surrounded by hills. The water is crystal clear and you can walk past the river. Take a picknick and a book and enjoy a bit of time near Pou Clar!



After our short walk near Pou Clar, we drove off to Bocairent. Bocairent is a mountain village near the national park Sierra Mariola and it is a town full of history.


It is a charming town which has a lot to offer: it’s filled with medieval streets, city walls and buildings. There are several museums and there’s a bull ring.




You can visit the Covetes Dels Moros, a group of centuries old caves from which you have a beautiful view towards nature and Bocairent. It is not yet clear what the function of these caves was. You can visit them, but mind that some parts are very narrow (and that’s why we didn’t visit as I am claustrophobic…).

There is also an ice cave, which we did visit. It is a cave in which they used to make ice to preserve food. You can also climb up towards the Ermita del Santo Cristo past a calvary road which will offer you fabulous views of Bocairent and the Sierra Mariola.



To know what and when you can visit all of the above, you can check this site or go to the Tourist Information Centre and get a leaflet and map from Bocairent!

Love, Kathleen








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