Spain: Madrid – A walk in the city centre (part I)

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When we were in Madrid we walked for hours and hours and the coming weeks I will treat you on a couple of walks we did in the city centre, starting with the one on our first full day.

This walk covers some highlights like: the Metropolis building, Gran Via, Plaza Mayor and Mercado San Miguel. Let me take you on a tour…

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Spain: Madrid – Real Madrid match & tour

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For my citytrip to Madrid, I was accompanied by my youngest daughter Elizabeth and a friend of hers. Now Elizabeth loves football and she’s got a couple of teams she supports including Real Madrid.

As a matter of fact a tour at the of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium was actually the main reason for our citytrip. And we did more… we attended a match as well 🙂

So today’s travelpost is all about football… and stadiums… and goals… sorry for all of you who aren’t exactly football fans… but this too is Madrid!

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Spain: Madrid – Lavapiés and La Latina, a photographic impression

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Now if you’re following me on Instagram, you might have seen a picture or two (or more!!) from my recent citytrip to Madrid. I’ve been back since Tuesday night and I’ve got tons of inspiration for travelposts about the capital of Spain!

We’ll start with a photographic impression of two fabulous neighbourhoods in Madrid: Lavapiés and La Latina.

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