Trips ‘n Travels: France – Gordes


Gordes in the Luberon has been named one of the most beautiful villages in France… and wandering around this little mountain village, you can easily see why. Let me take you on a little tour!

Gordes is just so charming, picturesque and quintessentially French! Mind… it’s also extremely touristy, especially in the high season. But if you’re lucky enough to visit this village on a quiet day (we were there in April), you won’t be bothered by tourists too much.



We parked our car a bit out of the centre of the village and walked our way up. There are a few things worth a visit, but believe me, just strolling around the narrow, winding streets, sipping on a glass of wine on a terrace, enjoying the fabulous mountain views… it will all make you very happy and satisfied… and determined to buy a bastide in the neighbourhood I can tell you that!



Tips for your visit to Gordes:

  • Wear comfortable shoes as the streets go up and down and are paved unevenly.


  • Try to avoid the high season for two reasons… the many tourists and the burning sun! If you do visit in the high season, perhaps you could try to visit Gordes as early as possible, or wait until after 7pm (the light will be stunning then!)
  • Park your car outside the village and walk your way up the centre of the village.
  • Take a picture from the lookout point at the Route de Cavaillon.


  • Have a glass of wine at La Trinquette and enjoy the stunning view whilst sipping on a locally produced wine.



  • Weekly market on Tuesday.
  • Visit the art galleries… there are plenty!
  • Saint-Firmin Church: 18th century church known for its colourful murals.


  • Gordes Castle: medieval fortified castle which is now a cultural centre, used for exhibitions.


  • When on a trip to Gordes, stop at the Village des Bories (see last week’s post) and Abbaye de Senanque (see next week’s post).

Have you already visited this charming village in the Luberon? Tell me in the comments!

Love, Kathleen









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