Boost your energy: The different energy sources – Your thoughts

After your body, your connection and your passions, the fourth source of energy I want to discuss are your thoughts.

Our thoughts and beliefs can have a huge impact on our energy levels. If you constantly have negative thoughts, this will automatically have a negative influence on your energy level, but fortunately the same goes the other way around! No wonder I want to advocate the latter 🙂

People who are positive in life, who have positive thoughts, will draw strength from this and that will only improve their energy level.

circles - Rotterdam

This is often noticeable in people who are ill. People who remain optimistic can sometimes rely on these positive thoughts and thus help themselves through their illness. It’s not a remedy, it won’t cure them, but it will probably make their healing process more bareble. They’ll probably be one step ahead of people who approach their illness in a negative, pessimistic way.

Have a positive attitude in your life, make sure you have positive thoughts and you will draw strength from them, which will only benefit your energy level!

How to do that? Keep following this ‘Boost your energy’ series! Soon I will start sharing loads of tips on how to boost your energy and I will also give tips that influence your thoughts.

Love, Kathleen

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