Beauty ‘n Fashion: Navy winter coat


At the end of December, I bought this new navy winter coat with printed scarf at Esprit.

I’ve got two woollen coats, both in a flashy colour (this one and this one) but they are not always easy to style. So when the sales began at the end of December, I decided to buy a classic, navy winter coat. I found the perfect one at Esprit and it came with a lovely discount… me happy!

The coat isn’t extremely warm, but it will do on most winter days we have. It’s got a zipper and I can either wear it collar up or down.


During the sales at the end of December, you’ve got to buy at least two pieces to get your discount, so I decided to buy this beautifully printed scarf. It’s got red details so that adds a bit of colour to my outfit. It’s a nice and soft scarf and it’s not too thick so I can easily wear it underneath my coat.


Having several coats/jackets means that I can switch between them and they won’t wear down fast. I’m glad with this new coat. I can now pick out the coat or jacket that matches my outfit best!


Love, Kathleen   

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