Beauty ‘n Fashion: Avène – DermAbosolu Daycream

About the brand

Avène is a water-based skincare line, which is developed for the most sensitive and intolerant skin types. Innovative ingredients are used to guarantee a strict quality concerning effectiveness, tolerance and hypo-allergenicity. The DermAbsolu range consists of products for the sensitive mature skin. You can read more about Avène on their website.

The promises

This is what I could read on the site:

A unique combination of patented* ingredients that visibly act on skin slackening, less compact skin and a lack of comfort:

  1. FIRMING – Vanilla polyphenols, real Hyaluronic Acid boosters that help combat skin slackening and make the skin more compact and firm.
  2. ALIGNS THE FACIAL CONTOURS NICELY – SytenolTM, a component with a powerful restructuring effect on the cells, strengthens the cells and ensures that the face retains its volume.
  3. NOURISHING -Glycoleol, a precursor of lipids that are essential for the skin, makes your skin supple and comfortable again thanks to its immediate and long-lasting nourishing effect and restarts the natural lipid production in the skin.
  4. ILLUMINATING -Contains mother-of-pearl pigments that brighten the face.
  5. SOOTHING – gives the skin an immediate sense of comfort thanks to avène’s naturally soothing and anti-irritating Thermal Water. A moisturizing effect that lasts for 24 hours, which relieves the skin of its tingling sensation all day long.


  • I love the packaging. It’s very hygienic.
  • Economic in use.
  • Very light in consistency.
  • The cream is absorbed immediately by my skin.
  • Pleasant feel on the skin.
  • My skin feels nourished and supple.


  • Doesn’t contain an SPF.


I like this daycream. I like my daycare to protect me from the sun too however, so the lack of SPF is a big con for me.

Love, Kathleen

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