Lazy Sunday

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This past week, my blog brought to you some beauty and lots of fashion (a how to, a new outfit of the week and as it’s the end of the month also a new LBD).

On Tuesday there was a beautiful Robert Frost quote and in the tips ‘n trips I told you about my first ever Press Days!

Last Sunday I told you how my challenge has been so far (did you see my low-fat recipe on the bolognese sauce?). Make sure to come back later today as a post on my third week will be on the blog very soon… with an update, some tips and of course another delicious recipe!

I wish you all a lazy Sunday

Love, Kathleen


Fashion: Black ‘n white

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The outfit of the week is all about this cute, flirty black ‘n white dress I bought at a sale last winter. At 10 EUR it really was a budget buy! Read more about this outfit!

Fashion: LBD – Best outlet buy ever!

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For November I chose a LBD I bought at Maasmechelen Outlet Village  5 or 6 years ago. It still is one of my favorite dresses and definitely my best outlet buy ever… probably the best outlet buy anyone could ever do… because, honestly, at 95% reduction, who could beat me ?! My sisters hate me for my expertise in outlet-shopping. I always find such fab things and when they go, they seem to only find these bad bargains which they never wear, so they gave up outlet villages and stores altogether. Read more about this LBD!

Outfit of the week : sneak peek

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Today’s sneak peek brings us black ‘n white. I like this print… don’t you? Tomorrow you can see the entire outfit 🙂

Love, Kathleen


Photography : Peter Kluskens

Belgium: Antwerp – press days

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Last Thursday I went to the press days in Antwerp… As this was my first time, I was pretty excited!

I met up with some lovely fellow bloggers (Ines, Merel, Paulien, Natasja, Jana, Nikki) and visited three press and communication agencies… I will let the pictures speak for themselves… Find out which press/communication agencies we visited!

How to wear : fringed poncho

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Fringed poncho : for a walk in the city


I love my fringed poncho, did you see it in last Saturday’s post? Here are three more styles… to go for a walk in the city, to wear to work or to go to a party. Which style do you prefer? You can vote for your favorite in the poll below the images!

Love, Kathleen

See two more styles + poll!

Today’s quote : life goes on

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In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life : it goes on… – Robert Frost

This photo was taken in April when we were on holiday in the stunning Peak District in England… I actually wasn’t feeling all right at the time because of my burn-out, but those walks we did were great for the body as well as the mind and were actually the beginning of my (slow) healing process…

Life is yin and yang, no light without darkness, no happiness without pain, no good times without the bad,…

But luckily life goes on… sometimes a bit quick perhaps, but it goes on. So when things aren’t looking up, when things don’t go as planned, when everything around you seems to fall apart, just remember… life goes on. Read more about this quote!