Belgium: Antwerp – Kinepolis

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Kinepolis Antwerp under a threatening sky.

This tips ‘n trips post might not be that interesting for those who do not live in Flanders or Holland (sorry guys !), but as I was pleasantly surprised by this trip, I want to do a post about it.

A couple of weeks ago I entered a competition from the magazine Flair to win 2 film tickets for the debut of film director Lenny Van Wesemael : “Café Derby“. So you can imagine I was quite excited when last week I got a text message to congratulate me for winning two tickets. As my husband doesn’t particularly like going to the cinema and my daughter Charlotte is quite the film-fan, it was obvious that she would be my plus one. Read more about my film date with my daughter!


Fashion: How to wear… lace dress

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Lace dress : black

I love my ‘Pretty Eccentric’ green lace dress from last Saturday’s post ! It’s very glam and chique and I love the colour. In this how-to post you get to see 3 more lace dress, all combined pretty glam I must say ! Which style do you prefer : the black, the coral or the gold ? You can vote in the poll below the images.Love, Kathleen
See two more styles + poll!

Quote of the day : kindred spirits

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“Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It’s splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world” – L.M. Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables)

What a fun group of bloggers… Sitting : Sarah and Zoë       Standing up from left to right : Ines, Silke, yours truly, Elodie, Elisse, Fobe, Lena, Nikki, Romina (with little Frankie in her tummy!) and Merel (thank you very much Merel for letting me use this photo!)    Credits : Merel Kistemaker

Since I started blogging in June, I joined Bloggerscafé, a Facebook group of Dutch and Flemish bloggers. This group is great if you have some blog related problems and questions of which I have many as I am still a beginner. And boy is there a lot to know about blogging! The questions I have… well… a bottomless pit! So now and then I ask a question on this Facebook group and I am learning from other people’s questions as well.

Last Sunday I had a meeting with some fellow bloggers of Bloggerscafé. This meeting was the first time I met up with kindred blogger spirits. Read more about this quote!

Beauty : Erborian – CC crème

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Not long ago I bought my first Erborian product. The Pink Perfect Crème, of which you read the review here. Now I am quite impressed with this product as you could read and I said so to the shopkeeper so she kindly gave me some other Erborian samples to try.

One of them was this CC crème of which I was, again, an immediate fan. Read more about this Erborian CC crème!

Lazy Sunday

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Welcome to this Lazy Sunday post ! Time for another recap of what’s been going on this site of cyberspace…

This past week I did a review on the eyebrow-set from Mac, I rambled on about summer ending (and how I do NOT like that… at all!). On Wednesday you could see 3 styles with a patterned coat and on Thursday I finally posted about a trip to Knokke which my husband and I did mid August (well, better late than never…). I hope I gave you some inspiration for next fall as you could see lots of fall-trends in my ‘fitting room fits‘ and my pretty lace dress was seen in the outfit of the week post.

I hope you liked last weeks’ posts… and I hope you like your lazy Sunday !

Love, Kathleen

In my tips ‘n trips posts you can read all about our Normandy trip we did in July. On the last day we visited Etretat with iths marvelous cliff coast.

Fashion: Lace dress

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In August last year, my husband, three kids and myself did a day trip to Brighton (which was ever so fun… should write about it on tips ‘n trips now I come to think of it !).

In the lovely, little streets of The Lanes, we passed the shop ‘Pretty Eccentric‘ and I immediately fell in love with… like everything they sold ! All the clothes and accessories had a roaring twenties feel and I tried on several dresses. This pretty lace dress with grey underdress really is sophisticated. Read more about this outfit!

Outfit of the week : sneak peek

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A bit of lace and a soft green for the outfit of this week… you definitely should come back tomorrow to see the entire outfit ! Fit for a party I’d say…

Love, Kathleen

DSC_0739Photography by Elizabeth Kluskens