Travel recap n°2


This first “Tips ‘n trips” post of 2016 is a recap of the past 14 posts that have appeared here on “The good, the fab and the lovely”. These past 14 weeks I brought to you posts on trips in Belgium, Holland and France.

In Belgium I visited several towns. Antwerp is near where I live, so I go there regularly. I made a post about an event I went to in September (Water-rAnt). That day I also went to Paleis op de Meir. You should definitely check out the post if you’re interested in good food, chocolate and interior design… at Paleis op de Meir you can find all these things at one adress!

Paleis on the Meir in Antwerp.

A second post on Antwerp was on the 5th anniversary of a very trendy shop in the Nationalestraat : Renaissance. Check out this post to read all about it!

The building of the Modenatie, where this trendy shop is located.

For the first time I went to press days. These were held on several places in Antwerp. I really had a great time with some fellow bloggers and below you see a selection of goodies I fell in love with that day… Read all about it here!

I can’t get enough of Antwerp… even in winter… there were two more posts : one on the Christmas market and the Sint-Anna foot tunnel (here)

..and another one on the Stadsfeestzaal and the Bourla Theatre (here).


I also visited Bruges, a well-known city not far from the North Sea. There are a lot of beautiful buildings in Bruges and we also visited the museum Historium, which I can really recommend if you want to know a bit about Bruges in the golden age.

Beautiful medieval Bruges… seen from the Rozenhoedkaai.

A bloggers’ meeting with some fellow bloggers brought me to Leuven. This is a very beautiful student town. I only did a quick stroll through this town, but that was enough for me to decide that I will certainly visit this town again…

The impressive town hall in Leuven at sunset.

And then there was a post on Sint-Niklaas, a bit of a trip down memory lane for me as I spent my schooldays in this town…


There were several posts about our lovely neighbouring country… Holland. We love spending daytrips and weekend in Holland. The Dutch never disappoint us 🙂

I did two posts on a weekend break to Holland. The first one was on the lovely town Amersfoort. We really enjoyed our day in this part of Holland! In a second post on this weekend break I told you more about Zwolle and Kampen. Especially Kampen is really nice as it has so many registered buildings. And in the post about Zwolle I told you more about Schuttelaar, a wine and delicatessen shop where you can taste any wine they sell in the store!

Posing in front of the Koppelpoort in Amersfoort.
Kampen has so many renovated buildings. This is the Old Town Hall.

Then there were two posts about Amsterdam, Holland’s fab capital. You have to see both posts (part I and part II) as there are so many beautiful photos from our daytrip on a fabulous autumn day.

Canals, canalhouses, bridges,… this must be Amsterdam!


One of the many canals in Amsterdam.

At the beginning of October, I went to Paris with my good friend Katrien… Oh Paris… my heart is still weeping when I think about those horrible attacks in November… but these two posts on Paris really show what Paris is all about… fashion, fantastic food, a beautiful city with great buildings and parks!

I really want to think about Paris in a positive way… If you do too, check out my post on Paris Fashion Week and a second post on the market at Rue Cler, brunch and Galeries Lafayette.

Chriselle Lim ( arriving at the Elie Saab fashion show.
Enjoying a Paris sunset from the roof terrace from Les Galeries Lafayette.


And that my dear readers, was another ‘Tips ‘n trips recap’… Which post did you like best? It’s hard for me to pick a favorite… each trip has nice memories!

Love, Kathleen

Did you already see my first tips ‘n trips recap ?

4 thoughts on “Travel recap n°2

  1. Wow! Your pictures are beautiful! Really enjoyed reading about your trips! I just love that about European cities – the architecture is stunning. Canada is so young that most of the buildings absolutely lack that old world sophistication and elegance. Lots of square, ugly, stout, “Brutalist Architecture” of the 1950s-70s. Ugh.

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