Beauty: Rituals – The Ritual of Happy Buddha (part 1)

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In May we stayed at the Kurhaus, a luxurious hotel in Scheveningen. In the bathroom we could find heaps of Rituals mini products to use, from the ‘Ritual of Happy Buddha’ range. I tried them out, loved them and went shopping!

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Beauty rewind n°4

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In today’s beauty rewind we’ll look back on the past 20 beautyposts. Which products do I still use? Have I changed my mind about certain products? You can read it all here! Read about all these beauty products!

Beauty : Hand creams

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Last week I told you about the foot pumice and butter I like to use for my feet, well today I will tell you more about the two hand creams I use! Read more about these hand creams!

Beauty rewind n°3

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And another 20 beauty posts have passed the review… here’s a reminder of what the past months happened in the beauty section of ‘The good, the fab and the lovely’ ! Read more about the 20 beauty posts!

Beauty : Rituals – Body lotion

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Today’s beauty post is about this fab body lotion I like to use  :  the ‘spark of hammam’ from Rituals.  Read more about this lotion!