Beauty ‘n Fashion: Beauty rewind n°4


In today’s beauty rewind we’ll look back on the past 20 beautyposts. Which products do I still use? Have I changed my mind about certain products? You can read it all here!

Maybelline – Brow Drama


I have recently bought a new eyebrow crayon from Maybelline, so yes I am still using it and yes, I am still satisfied with the product! OK, you cannot work very precisely with it… but actually I want to work to be done quickly… so I just colour in my eyebrows, brush them into place, correct with a Q-tip and done… as quick as that. So if you are looking for a quick solution, this crayon might do the trick for you.

Montagne Jeunesse – Foot Pumice & Foot Butter


This foot pumice and butter is a very good product. I have used it again. In summer my feet need to be pampered more often, so now winter has set in, I use it less, but it’s still on the agenda every month or so!

Hand creams


These hand creams are my favourites… period. One is on my night table, the other one is on my desk at work. It’s so important to hydrate your hands, especially when you’re getting a bit older!

Catrice – Eye’matic eyepowder pen


These eyepowder pens are just so handy… I emptied the lighter shade already and I bought a new one… Whenever you need a quick make-up, these pens are the trick!

Inecto – Shampoo & Conditioner


I haven’t come around yet to buy these products again, but I’m sure sooner or later I will!

My nighttime ritual


I am a loyal person when it comes to cleansing my face at night… so this nighttime ritual is something that’s on every night’s menu 🙂 This dual eye make-up remover from Garnier is finished and I have replaced it with a similar one from the drugstore brand… and the Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean is also replaced (by the mask version from the same brand of which you could read this review).

Garnier Skin Naturals waterproof eye make-up remover

This is a good eye make-up remover. Shake it… and use it I’d say! Good quality for its price and a remover I will probably buy again…

Dove rich nourisment cream


No frills cream…. Hydrates well, which is perfect for winter… or any time of year really… This is a a cream which works always for me!

MUA Pro-Base Prime & Conceal powder


This is a very cheap powder… not the best in its group, but definitely OK if you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on your make-up! Off to the drugstore I’d say 🙂

Crazy face mask and make-up of the day


I tried out this face mask just for the fun of it, but I was pleasantly surprised with how hydrated it made my skin feel afterwards. As this is not for sale here in my country, chances are low that I will buy it again…

Kneipp shower foam


This shower foam has such a lovely smell… I have bought it again recently because I liked it so much!

L’Oréal – Pure-Clay mask


FABULOUS mask… I’d buy it again just for the smell of it, but it also does a great job on cleansing my skin and making my pores smaller. I have just bought the  Purify & Mattify treatment mask from the same range… you’ll soon read my thoughts on that one!

Catrice – HD Liquid Coverage


Definitely a very good budget foundation. I have recently emptied the bottle and I am now trying out another foundation, but this will be back in my bathroom cabinet sooner or later!

Catrice – Liquid Camouflage


Very good concealer for its price. It’s amazing how good some of these budget products are!! It’s nearly empty now and I will be buying it again 🙂

Yves Saint-Laurent – Opium


Such a classic fragrance… which I will definitely replace once the bottle is empty!! You can hear me raving on about it when you click the link…

Gel nails


Now how can I not be satisfied with my gel nails… if you look at all the colours and designs I’ve had in 2016, you will definitely agree with me… gel nails are here to stay 😀

Dove Derma Spa Youthful Vitality


I love this body lotion. It smells really lovely and at only 6.99 EUR it’s a very good deal in my opinion. I will definitely buy body lotions from this range again.

Filorga – nutri-plumping lipbalm


This lipbalm may be a bit more expensive than your usual Labello, but it definitely is a very good product. It nourishes my lips and it enhances my natural lip colour. Thumbs up!

Lancôme Visionnaire Yeux  – Eye on Correction


A bit pricey perhaps, but I’m a fan of this eye cream… still testing out if it’s worth spending three times more than I usually do on my drugstore eyecream though…

Clinique – blended face powder


I’ll be short on this one… once finished, this powder will definitely be on my shopping list again 🙂

And so this was the 4th beauty rewind. Any products you particularly like or dislike? Any products you can recommend me using? Tell me in the comments!

Love, Kathleen

Here you can read beauty rewind n°1, n°2 and n°3 🙂

2 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: Beauty rewind n°4

  1. Ik vond die poeder oogschaduw pennetjes van Catrice echt niet zo fijn. Die liggen denk ik nog ergens in een schuif, zal eens kijken of ze nog gewoon goed zijn dan kan ik ze u misschien opsturen? Ze zijn echt 1x gebruikt 😉
    De concealer van Catrice is hier ook een favorietje! Die heb ik al een aantal keer opnieuw gekocht 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Goh, die pennetjes vind ik handig als het snel snel moet! In het begin gebruikte ik ze vaak, dan bleven ze een tijdje aan de kant, maar vorige week heb ik ze herontdekt 😀 ik vind het ook superhandig om mee te nemen in mijn handtas voor een vlug retouchke. Groetjes en een super zondag gewenst!! Kathleen

      Liked by 1 person

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