Today’s quote : be yourself

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” – Coco Chanel

be yourself foto
Place des Vosges, Paris.

To me beauty is not about being slim, having legs up to your ears, having the most gorgeous hair,… that is just the package. I do, however,  think it is important to take care of yourself as that gives your self-esteem a boost which reflects on your appearance.

Because what is more beautiful than a person who is proud of herself, who stands out of the crowd, who has a uniqueness over her ?! If you see a bunch of teenage girls hooking up together, the one who stands out is the one with the short hair, the one with the Doc Martens, the one with the clashing clothes… and isn’t she the one you notice first and isn’t she the one you remember ?

Following the crowd and copying everybody, just makes you part of that crowd and then people won’t actually get to know the real you. To decide to be yourself, no matter what others think or say about you, gives you a confidence which will make you attractive. You will automatically get more sure of yourself… and you don’t have to look like Miss World you know…

I understand why people seek up the safety of a crowd. Especially in times you don’t feel good about yourself, in difficult times, it can be reassuring and comfortable to be in a group and to blend in. But as soon as you’ve got the chance : stand up, stand out and be proud !

Love Kathleen

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