Beauty ‘n Fashion: Blue blazer


One of my summer sale finds is this classic blue bazer. I found it at H&M at only 20 EUR, it was a perfect fit so I didn’t have to hesitate… off to the counter!

Now unfortunately the weather hasn’t been great lately so this little blue blazer is perfect to wear as it adds a bit of warmth to my summer clothes. Especially in the mornings it can be a bit chillier. So from the moment I have bought this blazer I have worn it quite regularly… how the hell did I survive without this little blue blazer I’m asking myself now?!

I absolutely love the blazer on my bleached denim but since I already did two posts on these trousers (here and here), I decided to combine it with my comfy floral pants which I bought at H&M last summer. Here’s another post with those pants (my god I look so serious in these photographs!!)

To make the blazer a bit more casual, I am wearing it with a plain white T also from H&M which makes this an all H&M outfit (T-shirt, trousers and blazer) costing me only 45 EUR in total 🙂

My peep-toe sandals are from Clarks. They’re very comfortable and I could wear them for days on end!! So glad I bought these babies 😉

Well… what do you think of this summer outfit? Thumbs up or down? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Kathleen

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Photography : Peter Kluskens

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