Beauty ‘n Fashion: Rimmel – Lasting Finish Concealer


Some time ago I told you about the Maybelline Instant Anti-Age The Eraser Light Eye Concealer of which I wanted to buy another shade as the one I got wasn’t doing it for me. But everytime when I’m in my drugstore, it seems to be out of stock so I end up buying other concealers. Well that’s great for my blog as I get to review more products that way 🙂

So this time I tried out the Rimmel  Lasting Finish Concealer… here are my thoughts!

The promises


This is what I could read on the Rimmel website:

“Long-lasting breathable concealer with medium coverage, it helps to conceal imperfections. With it’s soft touch, the cushion applicator allows for perfect bendability and touch-ups on the go.

  • Provides perfect coverage whilst letting the skin breathe
  • Topped with a cushion applicator for easy application and blending
  • Perfect partner to Rimmel’s breathable foundation”

How to use

Just squeeze out a bit of product. The tube has got a sponge which can be used to apply the concealer. I do apply the product with the sponge, but then I blend it in with my fingertips or beauty blender.



  • light consistency
  • good coverage
  • doesn’t sit in any creases 🙂
  • long-lasting: Rimmel says it lasts up to 25 hours… I must say that I haven’t tried that out! But the concealer stays in place during an entire day, so that’s long enough for me…
  • comes in 5 shades, so there should be a shade for most skin types
  • the price: 8,99 EUR, but my local drugstore often does promotions so I bought it for less (6 EUR I think it was)


  • the sponge starts to smell after a couple of weeks 😦


This is a very good concealer. It does what it promises, but such a pity about the smell which is such a letdown!

Love, Kathleen

Here you can read a review on another concealer.


5 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: Rimmel – Lasting Finish Concealer

    1. I guess it’s from the bacteria inside that little sponge 😦 I am still using the concealer now, as I don’t want to throw it away. But now I squeeze the concealer on my fingertips and pat it into my skin instead of really using the sponge. Such a pity because the product in itself is good! Oh well… time to try something else 😉 Thanks for reading and have a fabulous week Ingrid! Love, Kathleen


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