Boost your energy: Setting some goals for 2018: Update n°3


Yip… I’m back with an update on my 2018 goals! Really… these updates keep me on track I can tell you that! I recommend it highly on anyone setting goals… post about them… it sure makes you do something with them 😀

First a few links…

And today you can read a third update… because really… how am I doing with the goals I’ve set myself?!

Now I must admit that the past two months I didn’t really think about my goals… only when I remembered to write an update to be honest!! But don’t be alarmed… I’ve done OK with them… I guess most of my goals are becoming a bit of a habit which is a good thing I guess 😀



Going to the gym… I have done it 2 or 3 times I think… so that was quite an expensive membership! BUT… I did start jogging again! OK… only once a week and only about 3k, but that’s better than nothing I keep telling myself!

I intend to keep on jogging now once a week and we’ll see on September 1st where that has brought me 😀

Drink and eat wisely


And also on this department I’ve been doing rather well. Could be better I guess, but I’ve found a balance between weekdays and weekend now which works well! On weekdays I just look out what I eat and I rarely drink alcohol. During the weekend I can have my glass of wine and I can enjoy an icecream… and that works well I must say!

Start saving for my Australia trip


This is still going as planned… I guess… as I just don’t have a clue how much my little Miss Piggy is having in her little belly! But I’m putting coins in her whenever possible… so far so good in this department!

Read 12 books


Books I’ve read so far:

1.’Het Smelt’ by Lize Spit (review)

2.’The Nightcircus’ by Erin Morgenstern (review)

3. ‘Eat, pray, love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert

4. ‘The only girl in the world’ by Maude Julien (review)

5. ‘The last days of Rabbit Hayes’ by Anna McPartlin (review)

6. ‘The diary of a young girl’ by by Anne Frank (review)

I started reading  ‘My brilliant friend’ by Elena Ferrante, but I stopped reading as I just couldn’t get into the story. I am currently reading ‘The House by the Lake: a Story of Germany’ by Thomas Harding. Will do a review during the summer months I guess as I’m really into this novel!!

Quality time with friends and family

foto van Kathleen Buytaert.

I certainly had a few get togethers (like the one above with my two lovely sisters!), but not as many as the first half of the year.

As the summer is nearing, plenty of quality time is coming my way though! On Sept 1st you can read all about it 😉

My good, fab and lovely blog

to blog or not to blog

I’ve been skipping a few blogposts… one because I just didn’t have time and the 2 or 3 because our computer broke down! And although I don’t have many posts scheduled, I still have plenty of ideas… and I will work on my blog many hours during my holidays so that for the second half of the year, I will have a bit of reserve…

Keep watch over my stress level

Let me tell you… all the changes that are happening at work are really challenging me and my stress levels! But I must say that most of the time I can keep focused and I can put things aside when needed.

I feel like I’m on top of the game and that’s partly because of my age I guess. Of course I nag and complain, but I can put things into perspective and be down to earth about them far more than some of my younger colleagues!

The next couple of months hopefully will bring more security as that is much needed in these unpredictable days…

And that’s it for this update! I want to wish you all a good, fab and lovely summer and on September 1st I will be back for yet another update!

Love, Kathleen







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