Beauty ‘n Fashion: Orange dress


When on holiday in England, I couldn’t resist buying a couple of dresses… end of sale and an nice exchange rate meant that some of the clothes were attractively cheap and that’s when my ‘spot the bargain’ radar comes in action 🙂

One of the dresses I set my mind on, was this fabulous, orange dress from Phase Eight. I didn’t know this brand, but they have some stylish, feminine and trendy clothes on offer!

Fortunately the dress didn’t came in my size. I squeezed myself in a size 6… I managed… but it was way too clingy of course. The shop assistant suggested to order a larger size which would be in a couple of days later.


in front of Windsor Castle

So Friday the 13th came and it didn’t bring me misfortune I’m glad to say! I tried on the dress and it fit me perfectly!

The fabric is quite heavy, which helps to hide bumps and lumps which are not meant to be seen… I love the V-neck and that colour… isn’t it just spectacular!


Of course I wanted to wear it the day after, on our visit to Windsor Castle. That’s where these pics were taken.

In front of St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

My Dansk Smykkekunst necklace goes so well with the dress and my Gabor wedges gave my feet the much needed comfort.

Styled the right way, this dress will even take me into fall… any suggestions?

Love, Kathleen







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