Fashion: How to wear… flamingo’s

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Flamingo's on my... skirt

Flamingo’s on my dress last Saturday in the outfit of the week! In this post you see flamingo’s on a skirt, on a top and on pants! Flamingo’s everywhere… even in fall 🙂

Which style do you prefer ? You can vote in the poll below the images!

Love, Kathleen

See two more styles + poll!


Today’s quote : age

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“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter” – Mark Twain

I’m turning 44 today… (hooray to me !) and for the past 13 years my birthdays have been extra special and double the fun as my daughter was born on my 31st birthday… (so hooray to Elizabeth !) Now if that wasn’t a beautiful birthday gift… We enjoy celebrating our birthdays together and I cherish my birthdays now even more than ever! Read more about this quote!

Beauty : What to pack for a day trip!

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So the other day I went to Paris… I know, I know… I’m quite a lucky bastard 🙂 You will soon read in the tips ‘n trips post what I did in Paris and who I went with!!

Now normally I take waaaay too much on a daytrip. After two hours my neck and shoulders start hurting as my handbag weighs a ton! But to my daytrip to Paris, I really wanted to travel light so I thought twice of what I packed in my America Today tote. Read more on what I packed for this daytrip.

Proud to be called a fashion diva…

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This week the lovely Stella from ‘Fashion and Style Police‘ contacted me and asked if she could use some of my outfit photos to make a post on her blog. I gladly gave permission… and the result can now be seen on her blog. I must say that I am a bit proud to be called a fashion diva 😀 The outfit with my seventies dress is her favorite, but check out to see what her followers think…

If you’ve got a bit of time, you should definitely browse on her blog… Stella is from Cheshire, England and is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. She also writes for the Huffington Post, where she shares her stories on motherhood… being a mum of the adorable twins Naomi and Nathan she certainly can tell a tale or two!

So check out her fab blog and thank you again Stella for making a ‘fashion diva’ post about me.

Love, Kathleen

Lazy Sunday

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I wish everybody a very lazy Sunday… Perhaps you feel like browsing through my blog reading some posts from this past week… I’ll make it easy for you and give you the links on this post : on Monday there was the beauty post with the Rimmel Wake me up mascara, on Tuesday I give you (one of) our secret to a happy marriage. On Wednesday you could see 3 styles on how to wear a military jacket. Thursday was the first day of October and also the first day of a new challenge… this time it’s a physical challenge. On the tips ‘n trips post this week, you could read about our trip to Amersfoort and in the outfit of the week I showed you my flamingo dress from & Other Stories.

Now all that’s left for me to do is to wich all the animals a good, fab and lovely World Animal Day…

Love, Kathleen

Sheep in the Peak District, England.

Fashion: Flamingo’s on my dress

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A day after my 50-day challenge I went shopping with my sister Cindy. We went to Antwerp, the capital of Belgian fashion! When in Antwerp, I like to take a look in the & Other Stories shop in the Korte Gasthuisstraat. They have beautiful, trendy clothes, good quality and at a great price. This time I immediately fell for a flamingo-printed dress I saw in the shop window. I tried it on and what do you know… perfect fit! Read more about this flamingo-printed dress!

Outfit of the week : sneak peek

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Those of you who follow me on Instagram might recognise this print… tomorrow you see more of it in the outfit of the week post!

Love, Kathleen


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