Beauty ‘n Fashion: Rainpharma – Skin in Balance (part II)


Last week you could read the first part of the Rainpharma Skin in Balance program, today I treat you to part II!

Read on to find out more about this natural skincare routine and find out what I really think about this program after using it for more than 2 months!

A quick reminder


In the ‘Goed Gevoel’ magazine of November, there was this Rainpharma promotion package. As I had been using Rainpharma products before and as I was very satisfied with these natural products, I immediately bought two of these Rainpharma Skin in Balance promotion packages!

What is the Rainpharma Skin in Balance program?


This is what you can read on the Rainpharma website:

‘With advanced formulas, which are almost 100% natural, our skincare range goes back to the essence of what skin needs to look radiant and healthy. We are not interested in exaggerated claims. We allow our products to prove their own worth. Follow our skincare programme from A to F and discover our products, with the mythical power of broccoli.’

What was in the box?

  • Amazing Oil Cleanser (30ml): see last weeks’ post!
  • Brightening Face Scrub (20 ml)
  • Comforting Clay Mask (20 ml)
  • Dedicated Face Wash (30 ml): see last weeks’ post!
  • Elementary Toning Mist (30ml): see last weeks’ post!
  • Faithful Face Guard (20 ml)

In the booklet that came with the box, Rainpharma encourages you to use their products (and their products only) for a period of two months to see what they do to your skin.

As I had just bought two other products, I couldn’t sign the ‘exclusive contract’ with Rainpharma, but apart from these two products (the Sisley Black Rose Mask and the Vichy vitamin C Booster), I did only use the Rainpharma products for more than two months.  Time to tell you my thoughts!

Product 4: Brightening Face Scrub


How to use: 

  • squeeze out some product on your fingertips
  • massage it in on dry skin (using circular movements)
  • add some water, massage it further into your skin
  • rinse with water
  • can be used once or twice a week

My thoughts:

This scrub contains almond and grape seed oils to soften, cornflower to purify, cool and calm and jojoba oil to smooth the skin.

This Brightening Face Scrub has these really soft scrub particles, you can actually use the scrub daily, they’re so soft!

I have been using the other Rainpharma scrub as well (the Balming Face Polish) and I like both scrubs. Perhaps I should use them alternately 🙂

Product 5: Comforting Clay Mask


How to use: 

  • squeeze out some product on a brush
  • brush it onto your face (avoid the eye area)
  • leave on for at least 10 minutes
  • rinse with water

My thoughts:

This mask contains almond oil to cleanse, jojoba oil to smooth and firm, grape seed oil to stimulate circulation, shea butter to restore and soften rough patches, cornflower to purify and cool and camomile and aloe vera to calm the skin.

So… a lot of natural products which do wonders to the skin, no doubt. My skin feels firm, pure and smooth after using this mask. But I so dislike the smell… When I have finished my two tubes of the promotion package, I don’t think I will buy this mask again no matter how good it is for my skin! Sorry…

Product 6: Faithful Face Guard


How to use:

  • squeeze a bit of product out of the tube
  • massage it into your face

My thoughts:

This cream contains a whole lot of natural ingredients. I won’t list them all, but here are the most important ones:

  • red algae extract: acts as a powerful natural shield, protecting the skin from oxiation damage. This will reduce fine lines.
  • Tamanu oil: repairs the skin.
  • Rose hip: clarifies and smoothes.
  • Comfry: exfoliates and calms.
  • Butcher’s broom: helsp drain and reduce excess fluid (for instance under the eyes).

This cream can be used as a day- night- and eyecream. It leaves my skin hydrated and firm and definitely is enough for my skin…

You can read my full review here.

Pros and cons from this Rainpharma Skin in Balance Program



  • I love how with a few products you’ve got your skincare routine covered! It took some getting used to but it really was a comforting feeling not to use a ton of products!
  • All products complement eachother so you can be sure your skin has everything it needs!
  • No nasties and that definitely shows on my skin after using these products for more than two months: my skin is even, smooth and fresh!
  • In the beginning I missed an eyecream, which had been part of my skincare routine for so long, but actually… it’s just one step less to think of now so definitely a pro 🙂
  • All products are economic in use and the packaging is hygienic.


  • The smell of the Comforting Clay Mask… I hate it 😦
  • A tube may be hygienic, but when you want to use certain products in the shower or when you’re taking a bath, it can be tricky to put back on the caps!
  • I miss a serum in this 6-step program… I solved this by using a drop of facial oil with the Faithful Face Guard.
  • The price of the Rainpharma products is quite steep… so when you have to buy all these products at full price, it will cost you…

Before and after

I want to share with you two pictures. Both are taken after cleansing my face with the Amazing Oil Cleanser and the Dedicated Face Wash.

The first picture is taken at the beginning of my Rainpharma skincare routine (early November) and the second is taken about 5 or 6 weeks later.

Personally, I think you can see a difference in the condition of my skin. On the second picture, I think my skin looks fresher and more even than on the first picture.

What are your thoughts??




I’m a beauty products kinda girl… I’m always on the look-out to try and test new beauty products so I must admit that I’m not completely converted to the the Rainpharma skincare routine!

But after using the Rainpharma products for more than two months, my skin is proof that a nearly 100% natural treatment really does the trick! So in future I will definitely be more aware of the ingredients.

Do you follow a certain skincare routine or do you keep on changing products?! Let me know in the comments!

Love, Kathleen


7 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: Rainpharma – Skin in Balance (part II)

    1. Thanks Ingrid! You do see a difference, don’t you?! I was astounded by the result to be honest… I had taken the ‘before’ picture thinking ‘I’ll probably won’t use it as you won’t see a difference’ and when I compared the before and after I was very surprised by the result. Between those two pictures are about 6 weeks I think. Thanks for stopping by! Have a lovely Monday in the Big Apple 😀 Kathleen x

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    1. It sure is! I’m using partly other products now as I had already bought them, but I think I will regularly buy Rainpharma products again as I could really notice the benefits.


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