Beauty ‘n Fashion: Rainpharma: Ten years of life-changing products


To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Rainpharma made this stunning box, which you could buy at a fraction of the price (19 EUR instead of 119 EUR!) with the magazine Goed Gevoel a couple of weeks ago. As I love their products and this promotion was too good to be true, I bought two boxes 🙂 Let me tell what’s inside!

But first let met tell you a bit more about Rainpharma. This brand started 10 years ago with a couple of food supplements and it has now an extensive collection of natural products for skin, body and hair and the collection of food supplements has also extended.

The forte of the brand is, that the products are all 100% natural. Besides this important fact, the products are all locally produced in Belgium (you can order them online of course!) and they try to work with local products or with products from nearby countries. The products can be used by vegans, they don’t contain preservatives and non of the products are tested on animals.

At first glance, the Rainpharma products might seem a bit more expensive than the highstreet products. I can however promise that you only need a small amount of the products, so your jar/tube/bottle will last a lot longer than you’d imagine which in the end makes them less expensive than you might think.


I have been using Rainpharma products for the last couple ofe years and I have already written several reviews of Rainpharma products:

Faithful Face Guard: serum, eye/day/nightcream… all in one!

Advanced Precleanser: oil-based cleanser

Balming Face Polish: oil-based scrub

Skin in Balance – part I: a review about the Advanced Precleanser, the Dedicated Face Wash and the Elementary Toning Mist

Skin in Balance – part II: a review about the Brightening Face Scrub, the Comforting Clay Mask and the Faithful Face Guard

Sacred Seven Body Repair Oil: a lovely smelling body oil

Charcoal Detox Mask: blacker than black detox mask 🙂

What’s in the ‘Ten years of life-changing products – box’?

1. Advanced precleanser

As you can read in the review, this oil-based cleanser must be used on dry skin. It removes all impurities and leaves you with a soft and clean face!

2. Dedicated Face Wash

At night I always do a double cleanse, just to make sure my skin is completely clean. I use an oil-base cleanser first (for instance, the Advanced Precleanser or the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil), followed by a water-based cleanser, like this Dedicated Face Wash.

This Face Wash with rosewater, refreshens my skin and removes all final impurities.

3. Brightening Face Scrub

This is a soft scrub which removes dead skincells. The scrub particles contain jojoba oil and can be used by the most sensitive skins.

4. Charcoal Detox Mask

This mask is perfect to completely cleanse the skin and to give it a thorough detox. It can be used by all skintypes.

5. Faithful Face Guard

This allrounder is perfect for those who don’t want to make a fuss… this cream is a serum, eye/day and nightcare all in one, which makes it the perfect cream to have in your bathroom cabinet and to take with you on a trip!

6. Repair and Protect Foot Balm


I only used this foot balm once, so I cannot give you a review just yet. I can however tell you that the balm smelled really fresh and minty and as it contains several oils, it’s very nourishing. I will definitely write a full review once I have tested it thoroughly.

7. Natural Skin Wash – Lemongrass

Rainpharma has an extensive range of skin washes, all with lovely, herbal smells. I have been using this skin wash for over a week now and you can expect a full review really soon… so not telling too much right now 🙂

8. Classic After Oil


This is an oil which can be used whilst showering… time-saver if you ask me 🙂 Full review soon on the blog!

9. Pure Shampoo

This is a 100% natural shampoo, fit for all types of hair. I love the smell and even when I go to sleep I can still smell it. Review to follow.

10. Authentic Conditioner


Another time-saver… you don’t have to wash out this conditioner! The smell complements the shampoo and you only need a tiny bit of product. Review to follow.

I have been using all these products for nearly two weeks now (except the foot balm), so from next week onwards, you can read reviews on the products which I haven’t already reviewed… see you next week!

Love, Kathleen




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