Beauty ‘n Fashion: Rainpharma – Skin in Balance (part I)


A couple of months ago there was this promotion package you could buy with a magazine. In the promotion package, there were 6 products from the Rainpharma Skin in Balance program. As I have been buying Rainpharma products before and as I was very satisfied with them, I didn’t hesitate and bought two of these promotion packages!

I have been testing out these products for about 2 months now… time for some reviews! I will do two posts about these products and today you can read the first one.

It’s actually because of the ‘Goed Gevoel’ magazine that I have got to know the Rainpharma products. I knew the brand, but I had never bought their products before. Until last year, when I bought the ‘Goed Gevoel’ magazine which came with the Rainpharma Faithful Face Guard. I immediately loved the product and I bought two more magazines, just to have two more tubes of this fabulous cream at a very attractive price (I so like to do a bargain!!)


A second encounter with Rainpharma was again thanks to ‘Goed Gevoel’ magazine. In the Spring of 2017, the magazine came with this Deauty beautybox and one of the products in the box was the Advanced Precleanser, a cleansing product from Rainpharma which I loved using so much that I bought a full size tube a bit later.

I was becoming quite the Rainpharma fan, so I also bought the Balming Face Polish a face scrub.

By this time I knew that Rainpharma is working with a Skin In Balance Program and I intented to buy more products. These products don’t come cheap, but then ‘Goed Gevoel’ magazine came with this stunning promotion: 6 travelsize Rainpharma products for only 16,90 EUR! I bought two boxes and gladly tested them out 🙂

What is the Rainpharma Skin in Balance program?


This is what you can read on the Rainpharma website:

‘With advanced formulas, which are almost 100% natural, our skincare range goes back to the essence of what skin needs to look radiant and healthy. We are not interested in exaggerated claims. We allow our products to prove their own worth. Follow our skincare programme from A to F and discover our products, with the mythical power of broccoli.’

What was in the box?

  • Amazing Oil Cleanser (30ml)
  • Brightening Face Scrub (20 ml)
  • Comforting Clay Mask (20 ml)
  • Dedicated Face Wash (30 ml)
  • Elementary Toning Mist (30ml)
  • Faithful Face Guard (20 ml)

In the booklet that came with the box, Rainpharma encourages you to use their products (and their products only) for a period of two months to see what they do to your skin.

As I had just bought two other products, I couldn’t sign the ‘exclusive contract’ with Rainpharma, but apart from these two products (the Sisley Black Rose Mask and the Vichy vitamin C Booster), I did only use the Rainpharma products for more than two months.  Time to tell you my thoughts!

Product 1: Amazing Oil Cleanser


How to use: 

  • squeeze out some product on your fingertips
  • massage it in on dry skin
  • add some water, massage it further into your skin
  • rinse with water

My thoughts:

This oil-based cleanser contains oils of sweet almond, avocado and jojoba to cleanse, aloe vera to nourish and calm and lemon verbena to refresh and relax the skin.

Using this oil-based product on a dry face takes some getting used to. I was used to it already as I have been using the Advanced Precleanser, which works in a similar way.

This Amazing Oil Cleanser does a good job on taking the dirt off your face. You can use the product on your eyes as well. It won’t tackle waterproof mascara completely though, but this is only the first part of a double cleanse… I love the minty smell of this cleanser.

After massaging the cleanser into your face, you can rinse it off with water. I pat my face dry with a towel and then I’m ready for part 2 of the double cleanse…

Product 2: Dedicated Face Wash


How to use: 

  • squeeze out some product on your fingertips
  • take a bit of water and massage the product into your skin in circular movements
  • rinse with water

My thoughts:

This plant-based cleanser contains coconut to mildly cleanse the skin. It contains lemon verbena to refresh and relax, citrus oils to feed and refresh and calendula which purifies, softens, heals and soothes the skin.

You only need a tiny bit of water to make this dedicated face wash foam. It smells rather dull, but after using this Dedicated Face Wash, my skin feels clean, fresh and soft.

Product 3: Elementary Toning Mist


How to use:

  • spray the Toning Mist generously over your cleansed face
  • blot off with a cotton pad

My thoughts:

This Elementary Toning Mist contains rose water to tone and relax, cucumber to cleanse the pores and cool, comfrey to heal and soften and fermented corn to balance the moisture levels.

This toning mist smells fresh and soft and is the perfect way to end your cleansing routine! I sometimes use it to set my make-up as well: I spray it on top of my finished make-up, let it set for a minute and blend it in with my beauty blender.

So this was the first of two posts about this Skin in Balance Program from Rainpharma. Next week I will tell you more about the day/nightcream, the scrub and the mask and I will give you my overall thoughts on this skincare program!

Love, Kathleen





2 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: Rainpharma – Skin in Balance (part I)

    1. Same here, but it really has benefits… but I have finished these products, so back to my old ‘let’s try this’ and ‘let’s try that’ routine 😀 But I must say I was pleasantly surprised… so there’s a good chance of me buying thse products again!!! Love, Kathleen


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