Beauty ‘n Fashion: Beauty rewind n°6


Every week I write a beauty review and often that review is based on me using the product for a couple of weeks. But would I keep on using it? Was the product thàt good that I would buy it again?

In today’s beauty rewind I take you back to the products I reviewed the last couple of months and I tell you whether I still have the same opinion about it…

Garnier SkinActive – Hydra Bomb Protect


I finished the bottle during the summer, but I didn’t buy a new one as the summer was nearly over. I might buy it again next summer though as this spray is very handy and refreshing!

Summer fragrances


This post was about three summer fragrances:

  • Eau Pure from Biotherm: I have bought this body water several times already. The scent is so pure and fresh and it really reminds me of summer!
  • Eau d’Ivoire from Balmain: I really love this eau de toilette and I have had several positive remarks when wearing it. Would definitely buy it again as the price is very friendly 🙂
  • Fifth Avenue from Elizabeth Arden: lovely eau de toilette that I would buy again!

These summer fragrances are not yet finished… I put the ‘eau pure’ aside for next summer, but the other two I will keep on using during these autumn months.

Atelier Rebul


I have visited this shop only once as it’s quite a long drive, but new shops will be opening soon, including one in Antwerp which is close to where I live.

I am a huge fan of the perfume I bought and I’ve been asked a lot of times which perfume it is! So when this bottle is finished, I will probably buy it again. I am however using it only during the weekend to make the bottle last longer and during the week I use my cheaper fragrances.

Estée Lauder – Daywear sheer tint release moisturizer


This is a product I will NOT buy again. The result was so disappointing! OK, it moisturizes… but I’m not satisfied with the ‘tint release’ bit of this cream! Glad I only bought a travel size tube…

Erborian – BB creme


Now this product is much better than the Estée Lauder one. It gives a natural shade and acts as a moisturizer as well. I bought a travel sized tube which was enough to get me through summer as I don’t use this daily and the product is economical in use. This will be on next year’s summer beauty list as well!

Avène – Thermal water


This bottle still isn’t finished even though I use it daily! After I have applied foundation, blush and mineral powder I spray some water on my face, let it set in whilst curling my eyelashes and colouring in my eyebrows, and then I dab the remaining water in with my beauty blender. This gives a very even finish to my make-up! Top tip!!

Kruidvat callus remover and Gehwol callus creme


As it’s autumn now I use this callus remover way less than in summer of course, but every couple of weeks I pamper my feet. It’s great how I can buy 2 different files with it, to adjust the remover to my needs.

Balance me – Tinted Wonder Eye Cream


Despite the name, this cream didn’t do many wonders. I have finished the tube, but I won’t buy a new one I’m sorry to say.

Naobay – cleansing milk


This cleansing milk did a good job, but when this bottle was finished, I went back to my good old Corine de Farme micellar gel as I prefer that over a milk.

Bellapierre – Volumelash Waterproof Mascara


This is a really good mascara. Unfortunately I can’t buy it in my usual stores so I usually buy other mascaras as I really don’t want to do an online buy for one mascara!

L’Oréal Paris – Age Perfect – Golden Age Mask


This is a very rich cream/mask as you would expect as it is for the ‘golden age’ 🙂 but I do like using it. Together with this cream, I bought another one from L’Oréal (see a bit further down this post) which I actually prefer over this one, so I won’t buy this cream again once it’s finished (for the time being!).

Erborian – Glow Creme


I don’t use this creme daily, so there still is plenty left in in the tube! I like using it for special occasions when I put a bit more effort in my make-up. I usually blend it with my foundation. Don’t know whether I will buy it again when this one’s finished… perhaps it’s time to try something new by then 🙂

Rainpharma – Balming Face Polish


Great scrub… no more words needed!! Will definitely be buying it again when it’s finished 😀

L’Oréal Paris – Age Perfect Toner


Currently on my second bottle… guess that says enough 😉

L’Oréal Paris – Extraordinary Oil – Sleeping Cream


This is currently my favourite night cream! It gives my skin plenty of hydration, I love the fragrance and it makes my skin as soft as a baby’s bottom!!!

Urban Decay – Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette


Much love for this fabulous eyeshadow palette… Haven’t used any other eyeshadow since buying this!

And that’s it for this beauty rewind. Lots of products I am satisfied with, a couple I wouldn’t buy again and some that have become favourites… on to new beauty reviews I’d say!!

Love, Kathleen


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