Beauty ‘n Fashion: Spring favourites from last year!


No time for outfitpics this past week I’m afraid, but I cannot let a Saturday go by without a fashionpost… so today we’re doing it a bit differently! Let’s take a look at some of my favourite spring outfits from last year… and would I still wear it the same way?! Let’s find out 🙂

One of my favourite buys from last year is my Maje skirt. I have worn it quite a lot during spring and summer last year and no doubt I will be twirling in this skirt again soon!

On my blog I showed two different styles: one for Easter and one in which I styled the skirt a bit more casual. What is your favourite look?





The outfit I bought for my sister’s wedding must be in my top 3 of last year. You can find the entire post here, but below you see a couple of pics.

This dress is also from Maje and it is so special!! Still not regret wearing black for my sister’s big day 🙂



Another favourite from last year which I will definitely start wearing once the temperatures go up, are these bright blue palazzo pants.

I have styled them mainly with white last year (like in this post), but after my wardrobe make-over with Greet Moens (check out this post!!) I got a bit more daring and styled completely different as you can see here.





Last year I have bought these wide legged twill pants at H&M and I just loved wearing them!

Below you see two different styles: with a white blouse and ironed pants… and with a blush blouse and non-ironed pants 🙂 I like the ironed version better to be honest!!!





I’m sure I will be wearing these items again this year? You will probably see them popping up on my Instagram soon 🙂

Love, Kathleen

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