Beauty ‘n Fashion: My favourite fashionposts… so far!


I have been blogging for quite some time now and I have posted tens of fashionposts here on ‘the good, the fab and the lovely’… Time to have a look at some of my personal favourites don’t you think?!

1.My black midi skirt

One of my favourite skirts is this black midi skirt, which I bought at HM. I have worn it so many times, I have styled it in so many ways and I alwasy feel at ease wearing it! I have chosen this fashionpost, because I think this outfit is so me… stylish, basic, comfortable, feminine, but the rock-chick in me comes out just a tiny bit.

2.Classic trenchcoat  DSC_1815

This trenchcoat is such a classic peace! It really is a must-have… I have bought it at Maasmechelen Outlet Village at a fraction of the real price and I just know that it will be my companion during many years!

I like buying stuff at Maasmechelen Outlet Village as it gives me the opportunity to buy expensive basics, like this trench, at a reduced price.

3.Cocktail dress


I love red… I really think it suits me! This red cocktail dress is nearly 8 years old, but I still wear it regularly at parties. It suits my complexion and body type and I always get heaps of compliments wearing it 🙂 Definitely a bonus for my self-confidence 😀

4. Summer stuf for fall


Summer definitely is my favourite season. That’s why I like to wear my summer clothes as long as possible! Once the temperatures are coming down in September, I try to style my favourite summer items in a way that I can wear them as long as possible!

This outfit is also typically me as I am wearing quite an expensive skirt (which I have bought at Maasmechelen Outlet Village) with a t-shirt I got for free (got it when buying a fashion magazine) and an awesome denim jacket which only cost me 20 EUR! I like to combine more expensive stuff with cheap stuff… not everything has to cost an arm and a leg you know 🙂

5. How to tie a scarf

I’ve got heaps of scarfs and I wear them throughout the year.

This how-to post is a must-read when you like wearing scarfs. I show you 18 (EIGHTEEN!!) ways on how to tie your scarf… including links to little videos on Instagram!

These 5 are my favourite fashionposts… so far! Many more will come… so keep posted 🙂

Love, Kathleen

Here’s a link to YOUR three favourite outfitposts of my first year of blogging…

3 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: My favourite fashionposts… so far!

  1. A beautiful roundup. I really love the red dress ❣️ hope you are having a lovely day! Gemma c


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