Beauty ‘n Fashion: Skincare and make-up routine for a wedding


So I guess this is the final blogpost about my sister’s wedding 🙂 In today’s post, I will take you through my skincare and make-up routine for that day. There were plenty of steps before the finished result and here you can read them all!



I always precede a party make-up look by layering some beauty products. I made sure to leave plenty of time between the layers, so all the products could really set in.

Below you can read all the steps of my skincare routine that day:


When in the shower I cleansed my face with a product from Estée Lauder: the Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Foam Cleanser. You can read about it in this post.

Freshen up

At the end of my shower, I had turned the water as cold as possible, so my skin could really freshen up. I also splashed some cold water in my face after the shower, to make sure my face had really cooled down before I started my skincare and to reduce the pufiness.

I also took a cotton pad and used some toner to clarify my pores.


When layering your beauty products, it is important to start with the lightest product first. So I started with a serum. The one I am currently using is the Revitalift Filler from L’Oréal Paris  (see this post). It makes my pores look smaller and it evens out my skin… onto the next step!



After a minute or so, I dabbed in my eyecream. I am using the Kueshi Nutrix Caviar Eye Contour I found in my Deauty-box (see this post).


Time for my daycream! I used the Revitalift Filler from L’Oréal Paris. This cream matches my Revitalift Serum. These products complement eachother and give me a fresh, hydrated and nourished skin.

Secret glow…

The next step was the ‘secret glow’ step… better known as the Pink Perfect Creme from Erborian (see this post). I am only using this cream when I want to make a bit more effort, so this was the perfect occasion. It evens out your skin and it will make your skin look more radiant.

Yellow stick 🙂

Just put some ‘Fix it’ underneath my eyes to conceal the blue circles. It still had to be blended in, I used my fingertips for that.

Underneath my eyes I used the yellow Fix It stick by Dior. This stick hides the purple/blue colour underneath the eyes.

After this extensive skincare routine, I brushed my teeth and applied my tanning lotion. That way everything could set in really well before I would start my make-up.




The first step of my make-up was an Estée Lauder concealer: the Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer. I put it on my nose, chin and underneath my eyes, actually a bit as a primer. I used a moist beauty blender to blend it in really well.


Then it was onto the foundation. I used the Double Wear Stay-in-Place (see this post) which is a very good foundation. I just knew I could rely on it all day! I only needed a slight touch-up before the evening party. Using my beauty blender, it ended up looking flawless!


On top of my foundation, I used the Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer (see this post). I used it underneath my eyes (in a triangular shape), on my nosebridge, on my cupid’s bow and between my eyes.

I blended this concealer in with my beauty blender as well.

Ready for some pow(d)er!

Bronzing powder

Instead of using a blush, I used a bronzing powder. I put it on my cheeks and worked it out towards my temples and jawline. I used the Mylène Terre Indienne (from this post).

Setting powder

To set my make-up I used the Clinique Blended Face Powder. This very fine powder is a perfect finishing touch which doesn’t make my make-up look cakey at all!

Ready to start with the eyes!


I had my eyebrows threaded a couple of weeks ago, so they had the perfect shape. I only needed to colour them in a bit as they are otherwise unnoticable! I used the Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in the colour ‘Hazel’.

To colour in my eyebrows I used this technique I saw Trinny Woodall do on her Instagram-account. She colours her eyebrows in with a backward motion. This is a really fast way of colouring in your eyebrows and it doesn’t give any harsh streaks. After colouring them in, I just had to comb them in shape and hey presto… perfect eyebrows!

Strobing Stick

Just underneath my eyebrows and on my higher cheekbones, I used a bit of the Master Strobing Stick from Maybelline. This gives a subtle highlighting effect and as it has a creamy consistency it doens’t sit in any creases 🙂 I blended in the product with my fingers.

Eye make-up

No new tricks for this special day, so I opted for a colour scheme and products that I was used to. In the morning I applied my eye make-up and before the party I intensified it all a bit to make a stronger look.

The top picture of this post shows off all the eye make-up I used.


  • Eyeshadow: I used the MUA ‘dusk ’till dawn’ eyeshadow palette (see this post). For this make-up look I used the ivory (top left), the taupe (top second from right) and the gold (bottom left). I blended in the colours really well.
  • Eyeliner: I used the charcoal black eyeshadow as an eyeliner (bottom right)
  • Mascara: I first put on my usual ‘wake me up’ mascara from Rimmel. After I let it dry, I applied a mascara from Bellapierre, a brand I just discovered. You can read a review about it in a few weeks time. This mascara is a really black one, so this created a very intense look.
  • Before the evening party, I touched up my make-up and did everything the same only a bit darker to make it more intense.
Full make-up with a neutral lipstick.


The final step in my make-up was my lipstick. I used a hydrating, long-lasting lipstick from Sisley (see this post). During the day I used a nude one (L21 Rose Pamplemousse), at night I put on my red one (L33 Rouge Passion) for a bit more drama.

Now can you believe I forgot to take pictures on the day of the wedding itself?! But last Saturday, there was another party for my sister’s wedding (everything comes in twos!!) so I repeated my make-up look to take pictures during my make-up process and of course of the finished result!

And that completes this rather ellaborate post! Do you like this make-up look?

Love, Kathleen

In the car… off to the party!


11 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: Skincare and make-up routine for a wedding

    1. ben je tevreden over die BB? Is dat die grijze tube, dan denk ik dat ik die ook al eens gehad heb enkel jaren geleden… weet het niet goed meer!! Groetjes, Kathleen


    1. Bedankt Isabelle 🙂 Ja, overdag had ik een zachtere lipstick op (niet die van op de foto’s, want die is echt héél nude) en ‘s avonds de rode. Het maakt inderdaad veel verschil hoor, direct veel opgemaakter! Als we maar met make-up bezig kunnen zijn, dan leven we hé 😉 Groetjes! x Kathleen

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