Beauty ‘n Fashion: How to wear a white shirt


A white shirt is a classic which can be worn throughout the year. In today’s post I give you several options on how you can style it.

As you’ll see I’ll give you some casual options, but also a couple of ‘ready for work’ options. I will show you three different kinds of white shirts:

  • a loose fitted silk blouse from & Other Stories (which you could also see in this post)
  • a V-neck fitted blouse from Esprit
  • a loose fitted tunic from H&M (which you could also see in this post)

Here we go…

1.With a bleached, distressed denim

The first outfit is casual yet a bit quirky… I am wearing the silk skirt all buttoned up. I rolled up my sleeves to make it look less severe.

I bought the distressed denim last summer at E5. You can see it in this outfitpost. I really like these jeans and I am glad that spring is around the corner so I can wear them again.

The pumps make this outfit more feminine. The quirkiness of this outfit lies in the fishnet stockings. On Instagram I saw people wearing fishnet stockings underneath their cropped denims so that gave me the idea to buy a pair myself! Yet another way to wear these jeans… and I must say I like it!




2.With a black blazer

A white shirt and a blazer can look quite classic, but when paired up with a skinny and boots, it looks much more casual, especially when worn with high boots. I really feel at ease in this outfit and it shows 🙂


3.Underneath a woollen jumper

I have worn my silk shirt like this many times the last couple of monhts. It’s nice and warm and in my opinion it looks a bit gamine, a style I like.

Worn with my blue chino pants from H&M and my beige ankle boots, this is yet another outfit which will take you into spring without feeling chilly!

Here you can see another outfit with these chinos.


4.With a sleeveless blazer

I love this tunic even though it’s hell ironing it…  the cufflinks and the big golden button make it just that bit different don’t you agree? I’m wearing this white shirt with black skinny jeans, a black sleeveless blazer and black comfy heels from Tamaris.

Here’s another outfit with that sleeveless blazer. I bought it at a closet sale for a fraction of the price… (oh how I like doing bargains 😀 ).



5.With a lace skirt

The loose fitted silk blouse is perfect on my lace pencil skirt. This style is very classic, but the soft fabric of the shirt balances out the severeness of the skirt. My silver heels from Tamaris complete this simple but stylish look.

In this outfit I feel like an air hostess… ready for take-off 🙂 Here you can see another look with that pencil skirt.



6.With a midi skirt

Ah… what would I do without my black midi skirt! Here I am wearing it with my V-neck fitted blouse from Esprit, but I can literally theme it up with like everything!!!

This skirt has featured several times on my blog… here’s a list:


7.With classic pants

Another classic look with my silk shirt. The woollen pants and the classic short jacket make this outfit very powerful… ready to go to work and own that place 😉


Which style do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below this post!

Love, Kathleen

In this post I give you plenty of inspiration on how to tie a scarf!

8 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: How to wear a white shirt

    1. Perhaps a jacket to start off the day? During the day I often take off whatever vest or jacket I am wearing as it is quite warm in our office. But when I go to a meeting I tend to wear it again. But at our office there is no strict dresscode fortunately!!! We can wear whatever we like as long as it’s decent 😀 Kathleen

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