Beauty ‘n Fashion: Beauty rewind n°5


Time to look back at the latest beauty posts… what products did I review? Which do I still use? What can I still recommend or are there products on which I have changed my mind?? You can read it all in today’s beauty rewind 🙂

Rainpharma – Faithful Face Guard

I am still using this cream and I still love it. It’s a multi-purpose cream: you can use it as day and night cream and you can also use it on your eyes. When using this cream you don’t need a serum.

Well, I must admit that most of the time I am using a serum underneath as that has become such a habit and gives such a hydrated feeling to my skin. I use this cream once or twice a day, depending on what other products I have in my cabinet!


L’Oréal Paris – Age Perfect Eye Cream

This is such a firming, hydrating eye cream! It’s finished now and I am now using an eye cream from Kueshi of which I also did a review. But this Age Perfect eye cream is still on my list of ‘must buy this again’!


Garnier – Hydra Bomb Tissue Mask

Whenever there is a promotion on this tissue mask from Garnier, I buy it! This mask is so hydrating and I can definitely recommend this budget tissue mask!


Maybelline – Super Stay Concealer

Very nice concealer with a handy applicator! Thumbs up… I am using another concealer at the moment which I still have to review. But this one from Maybelline is definitely to be recommended 🙂


Catrice – Eyeshadow Palette

Such a pity this eyeshadow palette gives me itchy eyes as it has such beautiful soft colours! I must say that I don’t use it anymore 😦 but no worries… I have bought another eyeshadow palette which his too good to be true… Testing that new one out at the moment so stay tuned for the review!


Estée Lauder – Double Wear Stay in Place

With this product I can be very short… fabulous!

I will definitely buy it again. I am using it alternatively with my Catrice HD Liquid Coverage which I also love. But when I know I’ve got a long day ahead of me I will definitely reach for this Estée Lauder one!!


Essence – Satin Touch Blush

Lovely shade, not highly pigmented, but hey, what can you expect for such a budget product. I just build up on colour until I have the desired effect! Perfect summer shade.


Dove – Derma Spa Youthful Vitality Body Cream

This is my favourite drugstore body cream! I just love the smell and the rich texture.

I have finished the jar but I have so many other lotions and creams I want to finish first before buying a new one… But when all are finished and I have to buy some new stuff, it will definitely be this cream! It also comes in a lighter texture which is perfect for those summer months.


L’Oréal Paris – Pure Clay Mask (n°2)

L’Oréal has now 3 Pure Clay Masks: a pink, a green and a black. I have tried all of them and the pink one is my favourite for two reasons: the smell and the fact that it is a multi-use product as it contains scrub particles as well.

But this green one is also a fine product, believe me!


Sisley – Hydrating Long Lasting Lipstick

I will be honest with you… since I bought these two Sisley lipsticks I haven’t used any of my other lipsticks and what’s more… I even bought two more! The red one I was talking about in the post and then a soft brown. So now I’ve got 4 of these fab lipsticks and I promised myself I will wait at least 6 more months until I buy a next one 😀


Rimmel – Volume Colourist Mascara

A good mascara, but I’ve had better which means I will probably not buy this mascara again…


A facial and a manicure for a wedding

In this post I told you about my at home facial I did the day before my sister’s wedding. I also had a lovely manicure to suit my outfit. Check it out if you’re in need of some nails-inspiration 😉


Skincare and make-up routine for a wedding

In this post I talked about my skincare and make-up routine for my sister’s wedding. I took you through this routine step by step!

On the day of the wedding, I was so occupied and forgot to take pictures whilst I was in the bathroom getting my make-up on fleek! But the week after the wedding, there was this ‘wedding-afterparty’. I copied my wedding make-up look, taking pictures this time 🙂 So the picture below wasn’t taken on the day of the wedding itself, but the week after.

Full make-up look… in the car off to ‘wedding-afterparty’!

Estée Lauder – Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Powerfoil Mask

Top-product alert!!! Really and truly the most fabulous face mask I have tried!! Pity it’s so expensive… but I will definitely buy it again for a special occasion!


Estée Lauder – Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask

And here’s the eye mask from that same family… and that family has excellent genes if you ask me… yet another top product!


Rainpharma – Advanced precleanser

A second Rainpharma product in this beauty rewind! I had found this cleanser in the Deauty Box I got with a magazine and I was instantly a fan of this product. I’m about to finish this small tube, but I have bought a full-size now as I really love the product!


L’Oréal Paris: Extraordinary Oil Oil-in-Cream

I use this oil-in-cream from L’Oréal from the moment I found it in the same Deauty Box I talked about above. I use the cream daily. I just put a little bit on my wet hair before brushing it. This tube will last for a long time, but I’m quite sure I will buy it again after I’ve finished it, because I am satisfied with the results.


Kueshi: Nutrix Caviar Eye Contour Cream

I like this eye cream… full stop. This 30 ml tube was also in the Deauty Box and I have used it for about 6-7 weeks now. I use it twice daily and I must say that the skin around my eyes feels tighter. I think I will start using this cream alternatively with the L’Oréal eye cream I told you about earlier in this post (this one in the morning and the L’Oréal one at night).


Maybelline – Master Strobing Stick

And the last post was about the Maybelline Master Strobing Stick, a stick with which you can highlight parts of your skin. Perhaps a bit chunky for those who want to work very precisely, but this stick is perfect for my make-up routine! Quick and easy 🙂 Thumbs up.


And that rounds up this Beauty Rewind. Lots of beauty products I have tried out and again lots of which I was satisfied.

I will keep the beauty posts coming up… so stay tuned!

Love, Kathleen

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    1. 😀 my daughter will give it a try… hope she doesn’t get itchy eyes from it like I do! But so strange, I’ve had other Catrice palettes which didn’t give me itchy eyes!!! Could it be the colour pigment you think??? Because I got it with the plum-coloured shadows and years ago I had a plum-coloured eye pencil (don’t know the brand anymore) and that also gave me itchy eyes, but the olive-coloured eye pencil from that same brand didn’t… the wonders of the beauty world 😀


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